I2P dev meeting, May 3, 2016 @ 20:00 UTC

Quick recap

  • Present:

eche|on, pr0ng, xmpre, xmz, zzz

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20:00:46 <zzz> 0) Hi
20:00:46 <zzz> 1) Tails status (pr0ng) http://zzz.i2p/topics/2108
20:00:46 <zzz> 2) 0.9.26 planning update (zzz)
20:00:46 <zzz> 3) HOPE planning update (zzz) http://zzz.i2p/topics/1968
20:00:50 <zzz> 0) Hi
20:00:52 <zzz> hi
20:01:01 <pr0ng> Hey Eeepers
20:01:22 <zzz> 1) Tails status (pr0ng) http://zzz.i2p/topics/2108
20:01:32 <zzz> ok, a lot's happened on tails in the last month
20:01:33 <pr0ng> Hi zzz
20:01:47 <Irc2PGuest33835> hey
20:02:01 <zzz> 0.9.25 got into tails 2.3, and 0.9.26 may or may not line up with 2.4. pr0ng would you please give us a brief report?
20:02:51 <pr0ng> Not sure about the 'not line up' part - is that the I2p persistence support?
20:03:05 <zzz> i mean schedule-wise
20:03:36 <pr0ng> Basically, this release was taken from the deb.i2p.no repo and uploaded to Tail APT repo by 'anonym'
20:04:00 <pr0ng> I tested the release in isolation on the Tails image, fairly extensively
20:04:20 <pr0ng> I've been communicating with anonym to get a handle on what goes where and when
20:04:28 <zzz> and I told them you had tested it... perhaps that's why anonym did the rest?
20:04:48 <pr0ng> Very nice and accommodating individual, gave me lot's of advice and help
20:05:02 <pr0ng> I now have a handle on exactly how the release is tested and deployed
20:05:27 <zzz> is what happened for .25/2.3 the actual process, or are they expecting you to do more next time?
20:05:42 <pr0ng> Indeed. They took the .deb from I2P straight through
20:06:40 <pr0ng> There's a couple of scripts that dictate how I2P is deployed - they / anonym used those and I now know where they are and how to build/transfer for inclusion
20:07:29 <zzz> ok so you will be doing more next time
20:07:55 <pr0ng> They can take from the deb.i2p2.no or other methods - they are highlighting the persistence angle at the moment - I may need to do other to get that working next release, but I will find out for certain.
20:08:20 <eche|on> great so far
20:08:30 <pr0ng> c'est possible - looks like I'll be able to 'deliver' the release myself this time
20:08:33 <zzz> so you've now started to get into their oustanding issues, the first of which is persistence?
20:08:48 <pr0ng> indeed - I'm pleased it went through and I learnt the requirements
20:10:09 <pr0ng> indeed - I will be looking at the outstanding issues - the persistence element is more of a 'nice to have' it seems, but it was highlighted in our conversation.
20:10:24 <zzz> what would your deadline be for me to have 0.9.26 in deb.i2p2.no in order for you to get it into tails 2.4?
20:11:48 <pr0ng> I will need to determine that - that's something I can't be precise on atm
20:12:01 <pr0ng> I will certainly come back with an answer for that
20:12:13 <zzz> ok, let me know, even if just a guess.
20:12:22 <zzz> anything else on 1) ?
20:12:40 <pr0ng> I will, certainly.
20:12:52 <pr0ng> So far so good methinx.
20:13:04 <zzz> thanks again, you're doing great work, glad to have you on it
20:13:34 <zzz> 2) 0.9.26 planning update (zzz) 
20:13:36 <pr0ng> I'm glad to help - it's been a steep curve, but I'm much more comfortable with the process and the requirements. :)
20:14:11 <zzz> I've finished the major parts of .26 -- addressbook subscription protocol, and CRLs in the news feed. And we've propped GMP 6
20:14:48 <xmz> zzz: has anyone reported a working family config from using the java i2p console?
20:14:48 <xmz> zzz: I've never got it to work
20:14:50 <zzz> I'm turning to bug fixing now and that will be my focus until the release. I'm hot on the trail of a strange timer bug that I think is the root cause of some issues people are seeing
20:15:32 <zzz> xmz, other than me, I haven't heard any reports of failure or success
20:15:34 <pr0ng> apologies for my ignorance - is 'propped GMP 6' 'dropped libgmp'?
20:15:42 <zzz> if you're having issues, please open a ticket
20:15:57 <xmz> okay sure I will test in a bit and report
20:16:05 <zzz> propped = propagate = merge from another (development) branch
20:16:25 <zzz> at this point I haven't set a .26 date but late May or early june looks likely
20:16:40 <pr0ng> Ah. K. thanks for that :)
20:17:14 <zzz> thanks to eche|on for doing some dev builds. We'd really like to see somebody step up and do a real, automatic, dev build site
20:17:18 <eche|on> I vote for 2nd june week
20:17:50 <zzz> As some of you may have seen, I declared that we're slowing down our releases, from 6-8 weeks to 8-10. 
20:17:52 <eche|on> I want to, but my time is limited currently
20:18:32 <eche|on> yes, it is ok
20:18:32 <zzz> This is a byproduct of less testing, me doing a lot of stuff that kytv was doing, and a general reduction in activity all around
20:19:18 <zzz> there's also almost no participation in reviewing proposals and getting ready for the hard stuff coming up this year, esp. NTCP2 and related
20:20:10 <zzz> there's also the proposed 'summer of x' that I was hoping for an update from sadie on. If we do move forward with that, it's going to slow releases down a lot
20:20:47 <zzz> I can tell you there's nobody working ahead on .27 planning or coding at all right now
20:20:52 <zzz> anything else on 2) ?
20:21:52 <zzz> 3) HOPE planning update (zzz) http://zzz.i2p/topics/1968
20:22:32 <zzz> I have continued to fail at getting a commitment for meeting space from Lance for HOPE
20:22:51 <zzz> so I still can't give anybody guidance if you're making plans to attend
20:23:15 <zzz> sadie was going to meet with him last week, she hasn't responded to my query as to whether she got an answer from him
20:23:25 <eche|on> hmm
20:24:05 <zzz> If anybody has a hard date on when you need to know, speak up. I feel bad about nagging Lance but it isn't working at all
20:24:26 <xmpre> zzz: I have a jenkins server set up for i2pd, I could set one up for java i2p if there is interest?
20:24:44 <zzz> yeah xmpre, for sure
20:25:20 <zzz> anything else on 3) ?
20:27:05 <eche|on> zzz: I still got that ticket^^
20:27:15 <zzz> I saw in the scrollback above that str4d and sadie had issues with the standard meeting time, and something about shifting timezone base that I didn't understand. If you two want to negotiate with the europeans and come up with something that would work for everybody, please do
20:27:20 <zzz> anything else for the meeting?
20:27:55 <pr0ng> I'm planning to turn up at I2PCon-2 - are there any ideas on when/where for that?
20:28:28 <pr0ng> ... reading, did I miss that already!?
20:28:33 <zzz> I don't think there will be a i2pcon 2.
20:28:50 <zzz> perhaps a small meetup in Toronto in the fall, as a tiny facsimile
20:28:55 <pr0ng> Shame
20:29:11 <zzz> if you want to catch some i2p ppl in person, best shot is HOPE and CCC
20:29:18 * zzz warms up the baffer
20:29:31 <pr0ng> I'll pencil that in then.
20:29:54 * zzz *bafs* the meeting closed