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Update details

0.9.26 contains a major upgrade to our native crypto library, a new addressbook subscription protocol with signatures, and major improvements to the Debian/Ubuntu packaging.

For crypto, we have upgraded to GMP 6.0.0, and added support for newer processors, which will speed up crypto operations considerably. Also, we are now using constant-time GMP functions to prevent side-channel attacks. For caution, the GMP changes are enabled for new installs and Debian/Ubuntu builds only; we will include them for in-net updates in the 0.9.27 release.

For Debian/Ubuntu builds, we have added dependencies on several packages, including Jetty 8 and geoip, and removed the equivalent bundled code.

There's a collection of bug fixes also, including a fix for a timer bug that caused instability and performance degradations over time.

Come sempre consigliamo ad ogni utente di aggiornare il proprio sistema a questa versione. Il modo migliore per essere anonimi ed aiutare gli altri ad esserlo è eseguire un software aggiornato.



  • GMP 6.0.0 and jbigi/jcpuid native libraries, enabling significant speedups on newer architectures, and constant-time crypto operations (new installs and Debian/Ubuntu builds only, will include in the updates in the next release, 0.9.27)
  • Addressbook subscription protocol, enabling signed addressbook updates
  • Generate signed authentication strings for subscriptions in i2ptunnel
  • Enhance hosts blockfile format to allow for multiple destinations per entry
  • Use system GeoIP database when available
  • Remove systray4j.jar from non-Windows installers and Debian/Ubuntu packages
  • Remove multiple external libraries from Debian/Ubuntu builds, and add dependencies on: geoip-database, gettext-base, libgetopt-java, libjetty8-java, libservlet3.0-java, glassfish-javaee
  • Store CRLs received in the news feed, to distribute key revocations when necessary
  • Enhancements to the desktopgui system tray feature, to be enabled by default in next release
  • Wrapper 3.5.29 (new non-Windows installs only)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix periodic timers not firing after a backwards OS clock shift, which caused widespread instability and gradual deterioration
  • Fix wrapper on FreeBSD 10 (new installs only, see ticket #1118 for manual fix)
  • Fix NPE on hostname lookup failure in SOCKS 4a
  • Fix setting JAVA_HOME on Mac OS X (new installs only, see ticket #1783 for manual fix)
  • Fix UTF-8 console passwords, and partial fix for usernames
  • Fix router family configuration form
  • Fix NTP sending random data in some fields that should be zero


  • More verification of received NTP packets
  • Rework resource bundle generation for 20x speedup in build time (requires gettext version 0.19)
  • Aggiornamenti traduzione
  • Aggiornamento dati GeoIP (solo nuove installazioni e PPA)

Full list of fixed bugs

SHA256 Checksum:

a8d8d2f653ebd996aa044edd0ac8f8b9cd9e5b740225f3cf547d252b380d5e38  i2pinstall_0.9.26_windows.exe
563eb6f2cb9220c380190e90290cd154da3f30b4fa96a212a80e4bbc7a8fd44f  i2pinstall_0.9.26.jar
49fbaea7f4d5ea0606de68ebb270fc3d4380631ecfd5c9ad82ed9356e29df937  i2psource_0.9.26.tar.bz2
23be34662f29faea6831ad041cbc2622f7914baeabceea8b698dac11ddac3bb2  i2pupdate_0.9.26.zip
646d2e4fcb1d860b8e9970596fa51336cc3d26108f6e78fe0f4ed7fe1c2b29e9  i2pupdate.su3

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