I2P dev meeting, January 30, 2007

Quick recap

  • Present:

Complication2, jrandom, mk zzz,

Full IRC Log

15:06 < jrandom> 0) hi<p>
15:06 < jrandom> 1) Net status<p>
15:06 < jrandom> 2) Syndie status<p>
15:06 <+zzz> )))<p>
15:06 < jrandom> 3) I2PSnark status<p>
15:06 < jrandom> 4) ???<p>
15:06 < jrandom> 0) hi<p>
15:07  * jrandom waves<p>
15:07 <+fox> <mk> I just made the post, so feel free to respond<p>
15:07 < jrandom> weekly status notes posted up at http://dev.i2p.net/pipermail/i2p/2007-January/001331.html<p>
15:07 < jrandom> w3wt, shall do mk, thanks<p>
15:07 < jrandom> (now lets get into our archived weekly development meeting :)<p>
15:08 < jrandom> short set of status notes this week, but lets jump through 'em<p>
15:08 < jrandom> 1) Net status<p>
15:08 < jrandom> no real changes here, though we've had a substantial decline in build success rates as charted on stats.i2p<p>
15:08 < jrandom> though not the catastrophic failures we saw last summer<p>
15:09 <+zzz> yes, contrary to your rather sunny assessment in the notes, we hit a 3-month low in tunnel build success late last week. There has been only a modest recovery in last few days<p>
15:09 < Complication2> On the net status side, I've seen some increased routing pressure, which has caused about 10% of bandwidth increase, but not much more<p>
15:11 < jrandom> aye, thats the odd part zzz - the failure rate has substantially incrased, but irc hasn't been substantially affected<p>
15:11 < Complication2> It "feels" like a bit of significant routing capacity either recently left the network, or experienced downtime<p>
15:11 < jrandom> Complication2: hmm, there were a few nodes with hardware and network trouble, which would correlate with that<p>
15:12 <+zzz> from over $here irc was quite affected<p>
15:12 < Complication2> but I found that my stat recorder has been recording 0B files since October... so I honestly don't know<p>
15:12 < Complication2> had a typo in my script :O<p>
15:12 < jrandom> d'oh<p>
15:13 < jrandom> zzz: hopefully that has passed though, right?<p>
15:13 <+zzz> I'd say things are improving although during evenings GMT things are worse than in mornings<p>
15:15 < jrandom> hmm interesting<p>
15:15 < Complication2> if most users are still from Europe, during evenings GMT, their count could be rising...<p>
15:15 <+zzz> just remember weather is always sunny inside a colo :)<p>
15:16 < Complication2> (but I haven't checked theland.i2p lately)<p>
15:16 < jrandom> hehe<p>
15:16 < jrandom> (we have had an increase in the last few days, with known: hitting 555 earlier this afternoon, and now sitting at 570)<p>
15:17 < jrandom> ((active: 266/367))<p>
15:17 < jrandom> at least, according to my router<p>
15:18 < jrandom> ok, anyone have anything else for 1) Net status?<p>
15:20 < jrandom> if not, lets hop on over to 2) Syndie status<p>
15:20 < jrandom> some hefty stuff going on here, with a new release coming in the next day or two<p>
15:21 < jrandom> i'm doing my best to clear as many of the bugs filed as possible, and there are two major functional improvements in the upcoming release - better handling for banning, and support for a whole slew of privacy, authentication, and authorization policies for various forums<p>
15:23 < jrandom> when the new release is out though, there'll be more to discuss on that front (though most of that discussion is going on within syndie, naturaly :)<p>
15:23 < jrandom> as for the contest - there's still one more day left to file your bugs!  the winners and supporters will be announced in next week's meeting<p>
15:24 < jrandom> ok, anyone have any questions/comments/concerns re: syndie status?<p>
15:25 < jrandom> if not, lets jump on to 3) I2PSnark status<p>
15:25 < jrandom> zzz, wanna give us an update on things?<p>
15:25 <+zzz> yes<p>
15:26 <+zzz> at the mtg 2 wks ago I was at a good stopping point, but then I found and fixed some real memory-eaters and made some other tweaks...<p>
15:26 <+zzz> I'm now at a good stopping point again so folks please test CVS and report results here or in syndie - thanks<p>
15:27 <+zzz> on the startup thrashing...<p>
15:27 <+zzz> there were some good suggestions in syndie...<p>
15:28 <+zzz> my first idea didn't really work, but I cleaned up a lock so that the web page doesn't hang at startup anymore, so it _looks_ faster<p>
15:28 <+zzz> may stab at the other suggestions later. <eot><p>
15:29 < jrandom> heh cool, thanks zzz!<p>
15:30 < jrandom> ok, lets jump to our good ol' catch-all: 4) ???<p>
15:30 < jrandom> anyone have anything else tobring up for the meeting?<p>
15:33 < jrandom> ok, if not...<p>
15:33  * jrandom winds up<p>
15:34  * jrandom *baf*s the meeting closed<p>