I2P dev meeting, November 7, 2006

Quick recap

  • Present:

jrandom, mrflibble, spaetz,

Full IRC Log

15:09 < jrandom> 0) hi
15:09 < jrandom> 1) Net status
15:09 < jrandom> 2) Syndie dev status
15:09 < jrandom> 3) I2Phex mods
15:09 < jrandom> 4) ???
15:09 < jrandom> 0) hi
15:09  * jrandom waves
15:10 < jrandom> weekly status notes up @ http://dev.i2p.net/pipermail/i2p/2006-November/001317.html
15:10  * spaetz waves back
15:10 < mrflibble> cool,  i was the only one  in #i2p-dev a minute ago :)
15:10 < jrandom> hehe
15:10 < jrandom> yeah, the i2p-dev chan migration didn't last too long ;)
15:10 < jrandom> ok, lets jump into 1) Net status
15:11 < spaetz> ad 1) net seems stable
15:11 < spaetz> however, as you noted, reseeding is needed every 7 days or so
15:11 < jrandom> aye, 'tis unfortunate, and fixable
15:12 < jrandom> though the kludge fix is kind of ugly, and the long term fix is pretty involved
15:12 < spaetz> yep, that would be nice. My firewall is too tight for reseeding
15:12 < jrandom> damn, doesn't allow outbound http to dev.i2p.net?
15:12 < spaetz> I need to poke additional holes in it :-)
15:13 < spaetz> jrandom: outbound yes, but all the reply data gets stopped by default :-)
15:13 < spaetz> but that OT. go on.
15:14 < jrandom> lol ok, interesting
15:14 < jrandom> its something that needs to get addressed, though its not on my do-immediately pile
15:15 < jrandom> i dont really have much more to add to 1).. anyone have anything else they want to bring up re: net status?
15:15 < spaetz> I get disconnected on IRC every 1-2 hours
15:15 < spaetz> but I would call that stable :-)
15:16 < spaetz> ok, on to 2)
15:16 < jrandom> heh cool, 2) it is
15:17 < jrandom> lots of progress on this front
15:17 < spaetz> Is the new Syndie going to be integrated into i2p when it goes gold?
15:18 < jrandom> hmm, if you mean bundled with, i'm not sure.  if you mean capable of seamlessly using, yes, definitely
15:19 < spaetz> I actually meant bundled. I2p seems to come "with batteries included"
15:19 < jrandom> the reason i'm not sure is that syndie will weigh a good deal (swt native libs, translations, spellcheck dictionaries, etc)
15:19 < jrandom> we will have an option to bundle them, certainly
15:20 < jrandom> and maybe that'll be the most common download
15:20 < spaetz> ok, I'm  for an optional install then. alright. 
15:21 < jrandom> bundling the text UI is certainly doable without a doubt, thats quite lightweight
15:22 < spaetz> that might be good enough to tease people
15:22 < spaetz> SOme might want to run the gui on a different machine than their i2p peer anyway
15:22 < spaetz> (I will)
15:23 < jrandom> word
15:23 < jrandom> ok, some teaser images for the gui dev status:
15:23 < jrandom> html rendering: http://dev.i2p.net/~jrandom/mockup/render_snap.png
15:23 < jrandom> forum tree: http://dev.i2p.net/~jrandom/mockup/syndie_refchooser.png
15:23 < jrandom> message tree / filter: http://dev.i2p.net/~jrandom/mockup/syndie_msgchooser.png
15:24 < jrandom> (the html rendering has been seen before, and the reference chooser may have been, and the message chooser was just implemented last night ;)
15:25 < jrandom> there'll be lots of little add-ons, but i'm focusing on first getting gui message generation in place
15:25 < jrandom> (which requires being able to browse forums and messages anyway, to pick links)
15:26 < spaetz> cool
15:26 < spaetz> although the beauty of syndie was its seamless integration through the web interface
15:26 < spaetz> but I bet that would be possible to implement
15:27 < jrandom> well, a web interface would technically be possible, but it would have all the security issues of the browser plus all the problems for interactive content that javascript/etc can cause
15:28 < spaetz> mmh, I see the hell you'd get into. I remember the corresponding freenet discussions a few years back
15:28 < jrandom> technically, we can pull in the mozilla engine to do html rendering with the SWT Browser widget, but doing so just isn't safe
15:29 < jrandom> aye, exactly
15:29 < jrandom> (and what, 5-8 years on, they still just found another security hole in their filter the other week)
15:30 < jrandom> ((my point is not that their filter isn't great, its that doing the filter is insanely dangerous))
15:30 < spaetz> ok, if there's a document "syndie for dummies" I'd give it a shot. (the text UI). IS the manual the right document for this?
15:30 < spaetz> It seemed a bit specific already
15:31 < jrandom> ah - check out Complication2's post: http://forum.i2p.net/viewtopic.php?t=1935
15:31 < spaetz> ok, thanks.
15:31 < jrandom> that's getting wrapped up into a page for the syndie site, but isn't up yet
15:32 < spaetz> ok, that's great. all I needed
15:34 < jrandom> cool.  ok, thats about it for gui stuff atm
15:34 < jrandom> there's a little teaser for the p2p folks in the status notes regarding a swarming syndication system
15:35 < jrandom> thats an area quite ripe for playing around in, for those who'd like to do some network hacking
15:36 < jrandom> but, thats just a side note
15:36 < jrandom> ok, if there's nothing else on 2) syndie dev status, lets jump over to 3) i2phex mods
15:36 < jrandom> Complication2: wanna give us the rundown?
15:38 < jrandom> or, if you're not here, those of y'all interested can check the status notes for my synopsis
15:39 < spaetz> mmh, gone fishin'
15:39 < jrandom> ok, lets jump on over to 4) ???
15:39 < jrandom> anyone have anything else to bring up for the meeting?
15:39  * mrflibble sticks his hand up
15:40 < spaetz> nahh, looking forward to see (the new) Syndie getting more useful
15:40 < mrflibble> on http://dev.i2p.net/pipermail/i2p/2006-November/001317.html, what does "hi y'all, good luck with the subpoena power" mean exactly?
15:40 < spaetz> will the first codename be "will the real Syndie please stand up?" :-)
15:41 < jrandom> mrflibble: http://www.electoral-vote.com:2006/
15:41 < jrandom> hehe spaetz 
15:41 < mrflibble> oh!
15:41  * bar impregnates a ballot
15:43 < jrandom> (not that the democrats would be any better for the world, but the ability to subpoena the us president via congressional investigations would likely throw a few wrenches into the war machine for a bit)
15:44 < jrandom> ok, anyone have anything else for the meeting?
15:45 < jrandom> if not...
15:46  * jrandom winds up
15:46  * jrandom *baf*S the meeting closed