I2P dev meeting, October 6, 2020 @ 20:00 UTC

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eyedeekay, orignal, zzz

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(04:00:04 PM) eyedeekay: Hello everyone and welcome to the October I2P Community Meeting.
(04:00:04 PM) eyedeekay: On the agenda for today is:
(04:00:04 PM) eyedeekay: 1) Hi
(04:00:04 PM) eyedeekay: 2) 0.9.48 release (zzz)
(04:00:04 PM) eyedeekay: 3) Git Progress Update (idk)
(04:00:04 PM) eyedeekay: 4) UI Team / OTF Update (idk)
(04:00:04 PM) eyedeekay: 5) Android update (idk)
(04:00:17 PM) eyedeekay: Hi everyone, who all is here?
(04:00:25 PM) orignal: hi
(04:00:29 PM) eyedeekay: Hi orignal
(04:00:33 PM) zzz: hello
(04:00:39 PM) eyedeekay: Hello zzz
(04:01:14 PM) eyedeekay: Anyone else?
(04:01:53 PM) eyedeekay: OK moving on to 2
(04:02:14 PM) eyedeekay: I've seen zzz doing quite a lot lately, for myself, My only plan for inside the router for the 0.9.48 release is rekeyOnIdle. Overwhelmingly my plans for this release will have to do with completing the next 2 phases of the git migration, and with changes to i2p.www which I will detail in 4).
(04:02:45 PM) zzz: we're I think, 5 weeks into the cycle. things are going well
(04:03:14 PM) zzz: orignal and I working on improving tunnel building (proposal 152), and have started to land some of that code
(04:03:29 PM) zzz: SSU2 research is going slowly, and certainly won't have any code in .48
(04:03:50 PM) zzz: 7500 lines of diff in the release so far, pretty typical
(04:04:08 PM) zzz: target is mid-to-late Novemeber for the .48 release, we'll probably set a date soon
(04:04:18 PM) zzz: EOT
(04:04:44 PM) eyedeekay: Thanks very much zzz
(04:05:14 PM) eyedeekay: Thanks also for the frequent forum updates, it makes some of your progress easier to digest and explain to others
(04:05:43 PM) eyedeekay: On to 3)
(04:06:03 PM) eyedeekay: We are in phase three of the git migration.
(04:06:08 PM) eyedeekay: i2p.www is migrated. It had the most dependence on mtn of all the projects.
(04:06:14 PM) eyedeekay: i2p.firefox is also migrated.
(04:06:22 PM) eyedeekay: We are going to have i2p.newsxml migrated on Thursday evening, at 18.00 UTC.
(04:06:32 PM) eyedeekay: After that I will be getting it touch with zzz about migrating zzzot or snark-rpc next.
(04:06:37 PM) eyedeekay: Repositories where mtn syncing has been disabled are kept in sync between github and gitlab.
(04:06:44 PM) eyedeekay: We are on a steady path now, as soon as one repo is migrated, we start the next.
(04:06:58 PM) eyedeekay: EOT
(04:08:23 PM) eyedeekay: Any questions on Git?
(04:09:06 PM) eyedeekay: Timeout 1m
(04:10:16 PM) eyedeekay: OK on to 4)
(04:11:20 PM) eyedeekay: The design firm hired by the OTF created a revised style guide. The new guide is somewhat more "flexible" than the old one, while also encouraging us toward a level of internal consistency.
(04:11:20 PM) eyedeekay: It is located here: https://uracreative.github.io/i2p-styleguide/. A post requesting comments from the community on the style recommendations, and which ones to implement, and how, is here: http://i2pforum.i2p/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=986&sid=bbca7a971055b8449737ba038ebbfa49
(04:11:20 PM) eyedeekay: The difficulty of implementing the design recommendations results from the fact that changes implemented partially tend to be visually unappealing, for example see the recent icon issue in I2PSnark.
(04:12:26 PM) eyedeekay: However, this only comprises 1/2 of the advice we recieved
(04:13:01 PM) eyedeekay: The most significant improvement we could make identified by the programs paid for by the OTF entailing the work of Ura Design and Simsec was an overall problem with onboarding new participants of all types.
(04:13:16 PM) eyedeekay: We consider this the priority. The early phases of improving it will mostly occur in i2p.www
(04:13:19 PM) eyedeekay: One of the most common questions that has been asked is "Who is I2P for."
(04:13:42 PM) eyedeekay: The design/usability people are obviously not the only people who have asked that question
(04:13:52 PM) eyedeekay: So we identified "types" of participants, including users, service operators, app developers, router developers.
(04:13:52 PM) eyedeekay: We had a lot of answers to that question, but one of the most common patterns in our answers was that it's much easier to say who I2P "Applications" are for.
(04:14:07 PM) eyedeekay: So we want to get people using applications faster and more easily. Changing these paths is what has been referred to as "Information Architecture"
(04:14:07 PM) eyedeekay: Accomplishing this will entail producing:
(04:14:07 PM) eyedeekay:  - Installation instructions on Windows that include installing a Java version which is known to work with I2P.
(04:14:07 PM) eyedeekay:  - Pages on the site explaining the bundled apps that come with the Java I2P router.
(04:14:07 PM) eyedeekay:  - Inclusion of I2P in Private Browsing webextension into the Windows I2P profile bundle
(04:14:07 PM) eyedeekay:  - An IRC client recommendation and guide.
(04:14:07 PM) eyedeekay:  - First-class service hosting guides(Like the one for Gitlab), for new operators, including a re-write of the Reseed Service Guide. Also planned are NextCloud and IRC hosting guides.
(04:14:07 PM) eyedeekay:  - Re-organization of the home page and the top-level navigation menu around the users.
(04:14:44 PM) eyedeekay: Sorry for basically going long-form with it, but take your time please, I wanted to make sure I gave a substantial update
(04:17:14 PM) eyedeekay: EOT. Any questions?
(04:17:26 PM) zzz: is the OTF work complete? when did they finish? when did the revised style guide become available?
(04:19:20 PM) eyedeekay: The OTF paid the design firm, and they finished last month. Just a moment while I check the history
(04:19:56 PM) eyedeekay: August 8th
(04:20:10 PM) zzz: what I'm getting at is, how can we fix our processes so that the status and results of funded work are actually communicated to the community in a timely manner?
(04:21:07 PM) eyedeekay: Usually the solution to that is me keeping in touch with someone. In this case, that someone probably ought to take the form of me doing periodic updates to i2pforums.i2p
(04:22:38 PM) zzz: ok. it's just very odd that a funded project that results in advice for developers never actually got communicated to developers for two months
(04:23:06 PM) zzz: so if we ever go around again on this, that will be a discussion for process improvement
(04:23:14 PM) zzz: thanks for the report
(04:23:35 PM) eyedeekay: Just doing my best to solve problems :)
(04:23:39 PM) eyedeekay: Which brings us to 5)
(04:24:46 PM) eyedeekay: I am now the administrator of all the servers where we offer Android apps for download, since the other admin was unresponsive.
(04:24:51 PM) eyedeekay: I was eventually able to contact the other admin, and he has agreed to act as a back up.
(04:24:59 PM) eyedeekay: The plan going forward is for me to upload to GPlay and our F-Droid on the same day as Debian packages are released.
(04:25:03 PM) eyedeekay: This means that our F-Droid will be available on the same day that Debian packages are uploaded. GPlay will still be delayed by what seems like 1-6 days, not much I can do for that.
(04:25:29 PM) eyedeekay: This also means that I'm the admin of download.i2p2.de now, so I can fix that too. I can basically fix everything but trac.
(04:27:09 PM) eyedeekay: EOT
(04:28:15 PM) eyedeekay: Oh that's what I forgot. I am *not* in charge of the upload to the F-Droid community repository. That's nextloop still.
(04:30:21 PM) eyedeekay: Does anyone have anything they wish to add, want to cover for the meeting, or any questions about anything we've covered so far?
(04:31:02 PM) eyedeekay: timeout 1m
(04:31:13 PM) zzz: reminder (again) - put the august meeting on the website
(04:32:00 PM) eyedeekay: I thought I had? OK, will add it right after we're done