This page is accurate for router version 0.9.47.

Separately Installing I2P and its dependencies on MacOS(The Long Way)

This is a detailed, step-by-step guide to installing and configuring I2P, including all dependencies and setting up a browser, on a new MacOS system. Many users will be able to skip steps if they already have Java 8 or Firefox installed.

So what are we going to do here?

We're going to finish four tasks. We are going to:

  1. Java telepítése
  2. Install I2P
  3. Configure I2P App
  4. Configure I2P Bandwidth

Part One: Install Java

In order to use I2P, you will need a suitable Java environment. This guide uses Oracle's Java 8 implementation. Please install it by following the instructions below:

If you already have Java installed, you may Skip This Step

  1. Begin by downloading Java, for example, using this version from Oracle.
    • You need Oracle Java for MacOS
    • You need Oracle Java for MacOS
  2. Double-click the installer you just downloaded and allow the installer permission to proceed.:
    • Give the installer permission to proceed
  3. Accept the License terms.
    • Start installing Java
  4. Java will show you some information about what it is and where it runs while you wait for it to finish installing.
    • Wait for the installer
  5. When Java is done installing, it will look like this.
    • Step one complete

Part Two: Download and Install I2P from a .jar file

  1. Download I2P for Unix from
    • Download I2P
    • Select your Language
  2. Because I2P is being installed from a .jar file, it cannot be signed by an Apple certificate. You will need to allow it special permission to install. Even though the installer is unsigned, the updates are signed end-to-end by I2P.
    • Introduction
    • Exception
    • Profit
  3. Select a language you are familiar with.
    • Select Components
  4. Now the installer is ready to start. Click next to advance.
    • Start installing
  5. Accept the license. I2P is Free Software, mostly in the public domain with limited use of GPL2, Creative Commons, and other Free and Open-Source Licenses.
    • Accept the License Agreement(or mostly lack thereof)
  6. Install the I2P router and base config. It is recommended that you keep the install directory the default.
    • Install the files
  7. I2P is now installed! The remaining installer pages explain some aspects of running I2P on OSX.
    • Finish it up
    • Finish it up
    • Finish it up

Part Three: Configure I2P App

  1. For convenience, you may want to create a shortcut to launch the I2P router. Find the "i2p" directory in the "Applications" directory using Finder.
    • Open the Applications dir
  2. Open the folder and find the Start Router Icon shown.
    • Find the launcher
  3. Click the icon to start the I2P router - it will show up in your dock as shown and you can choose too keep it there.
    • Add it to the launch bar

Part Four: Configure I2P Bandwidth

  1. When you visit the I2P router console for the first time, it will automatically direct you to the configuration wizard. Start by selecting a language for the I2P interface.
    • Start the bandwidth wizard
  2. Next, pick either a dark or light theme.
    • Let the participant know what the bandwidth test entails
  3. The next step is the bandwidth test. The bandwidth test takes a minute to run completely. During the bandwidth test, we'll need to connect to the external M-Lab Service, which makes a direct connection to a remote server(Operated by Measurement Lab) to measure your internet speed.
    • Run the bandwidth test
    • Start the bandwidth wizard
  4. Confirm the bandwidth measurement and adjust your share percentage.
    • Let the participant know what the bandwidth test entails
  5. Confirm your bandwidth settings and adjust how much of your bandwidth you wish to share.
    • Run the bandwidth test
  6. You're finished! I2P is now configured.
    • Run the bandwidth test

If you want to re-run the welcome wizard after completing it, you can visit the page on your router console.

That's it! You're now ready to use I2P. You can browse I2P Sites, download files, host services, e-mail and chat anonymously. Visit the router console homepage to get started.