• Beküldte: 2024-05-06
  • Készítette: idk
  • Közzétéve itt: release

I2P 2.5.1 is being released to address Denial-of-Service Attacks affecting the I2P network and services. With this release we disable the IP-based parts of the Sybil attack detection tool which were targeted to amplify the effect and duration of the attack. This should help the network return to normal operation. Those of you who have disabled the Sybil attack detection tool may safely re-enable it. Adjustments to other subsystems to improve RouterInfo validation and peer selection have also been made.

As usual, we recommend that you update to this release. The best way to maintain security and help the network is to run the latest release.



  • Susimail: Add search box
  • Susimail: UI Improvements
  • NetDB: Don't lookup RI if on banlist
  • Tomcat: update to 9.0.88

Bug Fixes

  • Sybil: Disable IP-Closeness Checks in Sybil Attack Analysis Tool
  • Profiles: Don't update last heard from if tunnel fails
  • NetDB: Improve validation of RI's before storing, sending RI's

Full list of fixed bugs

SHA256 Checksums:

1b0c1a12e64bd6dabd894a297b7bfd60ebe218a9177086f27367b8d4f1e30ab9  i2pinstall_2.5.1-0.jar
f9b2038cc6376a7b67a7cbc6ff07046b0a5f6146658dfb910ca4532c81263177  i2pinstall_2.5.1-0_windows.exe
1b0c1a12e64bd6dabd894a297b7bfd60ebe218a9177086f27367b8d4f1e30ab9  i2pinstall_2.5.1.jar
d0150a4f7abcdc85cddae277fa951c2ee76ccc7403d98cd255791ac752a7e36b  i2pinstall_2.5.1.jar.sig
f9b2038cc6376a7b67a7cbc6ff07046b0a5f6146658dfb910ca4532c81263177  i2pinstall_2.5.1_windows.exe
4bc7e59ee0036389a0f76fc76b2303eeae62bf6eaaf608c9939226febf9ddeae  i2psource_2.5.1.tar.bz2
251293c39c333bd7d8ad01235ef15bccf15df1b72dd18917de06cdb212b7801f  i2psource_2.5.1.tar.bz2.sig
163b7fe3e9941bd412bad1b80f34e2a8cd1ade2e77cbe4cfb58eca42f3ca4b62  i2pupdate-2.5.1.su3
461b5fe51d2d953ba798eee867e434b4bf234911418c0dd5560b558f755f6657  i2pupdate-2.5.1.su3.torrent
a4db0e6a9ee56df2d9bb2b12d9eb3a04501aeeac83773817f62565e632d88228  i2pupdate_2.5.1.zip
c592bc6d1ffcc988f021bbd30ea6e5063f31bb5175846be96c5c2724294bd99b  i2pupdate_2.5.1.zip.sig
163b7fe3e9941bd412bad1b80f34e2a8cd1ade2e77cbe4cfb58eca42f3ca4b62  i2pupdate.su3
a4db0e6a9ee56df2d9bb2b12d9eb3a04501aeeac83773817f62565e632d88228  i2pupdate.zip