• Posted: 2022-08-22
  • Author: zzz
  • Posted in release

We have spent the last three months working on our new UDP transport protocol "SSU2" with a small number of volunteer testers. This release completes the implementation, including relay and peer testing. We are enabling it by default for Android and ARM platforms, and a small percentage of other routers at random. This will allow us to do much more testing in the next three months, finish the connection migration feature, and fix any remaining issues. We plan to enable it for everyone in the next release scheduled for November. No manual configuration is necessary. Of course, there's the usual collection of bug fixes in this release as well. We also added an automatic deadlock detector that has already found a rare deadlock that is now fixed.

As usual, we recommend that you update to this release. The best way to maintain security and help the network is to run the latest release.



  • Add deadlock detector
  • Periodically send our RI to connected peers
  • SSU MTU/PMTU improvements and fixes
  • SSU2 base protocol fixes and improvements
  • SSU2 peer test and relay implementation
  • SSU2 published address fixes
  • SSU2: Enable for Android, ARM, and a small portion of others at random

Bug Fixes

  • Clock: Fix deadlock after clock shift
  • Debian: Apparmor profile fixes
  • Don't allow family key errors to crash router
  • Fix EC family key loading on Android
  • Fix EdDSA key loading on Java 15+
  • i2psnark: Fix DHT not restarting after router restart
  • OSX: Prevent hangs at shutdown after dock right-click quit
  • SSU: Fix publishing of MTU in addresses without IPs
  • SSU: Fix rare HMAC NPE
  • SusiDNS CSS fixes
  • Transport: Improve processing after message delivery failure
  • UPnP: Don't briefly bind to all addresses at startup


  • Set outproxy to exit.stormycloud.i2p (new installs only)
  • Disable SSU introductions on Android
  • API version: 0.9.55
  • New translation: Spanish (Argentina)
  • Translation updates

Full list of fixed bugs

SHA256 Checksums:

fdb2e471fadfda33589697536180df966ec165ab59a0d9c8a623491cc2c8eae3  i2pinstall_1.9.0_windows.exe
124a1d917dec1f75dc17b5a062704d5abe259b874655c595a9d8f5fd9494eafd  i2pinstall_1.9.0.jar
57f61815098c35593d7ede305f98b9015c4c613c72231ad084e6806a3e2aa371  i2psource_1.9.0.tar.bz2
31b8798c7fa75242ed09f671028b85e6acc9d5d9d0a132138debf4cdfbb08f21  i2pupdate_1.9.0.zip
7959f1189c50fa8968e72023f614b610016c1d544a16315f05ea6ad4b18677bc  i2pupdate.su3