• Posted: 2022-02-21
  • Author: zzz
  • Posted in release

The 1.7.0 release contains several performance and reliability improvements.

There are now popup messages in the system tray, for those platforms that support it. i2psnark has a new torrent editor. The NTCP2 transport now uses much less CPU.

The long-deprecated BOB interface is removed for new installs. It will continue to work in existing installs, except for Debian packages. Any remaining users of BOB applications should ask the developers to convert to the SAMv3 protocol.

We know that since our 1.6.1 release, network reliability has steadily deteriorated. We were aware of the problem soon after the release, but it took us almost two months to find the cause. We eventually identified it as a bug in i2pd 2.40.0, and the fix will be in their 2.41.0 release coming out about the same time as this release. Along the way, we've made several changes on the Java I2P side to improve the robustness of network database lookups and stores, and avoid poorly-performing peers in tunnel peer selection. This should help the network be more robust even in the presence of buggy or malicious routers. Additionally, we're starting a joint program to test pre-release i2pd and Java I2P routers together in an isolated test network, so we can find more problems before the releases, not after.

In other news, we continue to make great progress on the design of our new UDP transport "SSU2" (proposal 159) and have started implementation. SSU2 will bring substantial performance and security improvements. It will also allow us to finally replace our last usage of the very slow ElGamal encryption, completing a full cryptography upgrade that started about 9 years ago. We expect to start joint testing with i2pd soon, and roll it out to the network later this year.

As usual, we recommend that you update to this release. The best way to maintain security and help the network is to run the latest release.



  • BOB: Remove
  • i2psnark: New torrent editor
  • i2psnark standalone: Fixes and improvements
  • i2ptunnel: Support IRCv3 message tags
  • NetDB: Lookup/store reliability improvements
  • System tray: Add popup messages
  • Transport: NTCP2 performance improvements
  • Transport: NTCP2 clock skew handling improvements
  • Transport: Use priority in SSU sender queue
  • Tunnels: Remove outbound tunnel when can't connect to first hop
  • Tunnels: Fallback to exploratory for building after repeated build failure
  • Tunnels: Enable tunnel testing by default
  • Tunnels: Use tunnel builds as a tunnel test

Bug Fixes

  • Plugins: Fixes for webapps named different from the plugin
  • Reseed: Fixes for IPv6-only
  • Router: Fix rare deadlock at startup
  • Tunnels: Restore IP restriction tests


  • API version: 0.9.53
  • i2pcontrol: Improved state mapping
  • i2ptunnel: Refactor UDP support
  • Plugins: Fixes for webapps
  • Router: Workarounds for i2pd 2.40.0 SSU bug
  • Translation updates

Full list of fixed bugs

SHA256 Checksums:

a2206e2578e88aa08294b68df2c9dad4f9301a94dc3d00bfccfe4517555e226c  i2pinstall_1.7.0_windows.exe
23b80dd09bf4bb53edfde8e802bf0e428d89062f1232b3cdfeca04fccdbeb685  i2pinstall_1.7.0.jar
aa53591e89eacc3491ab472dc4df998780fb6747eea3b97ecb7a9f81ff2c9a5e  i2psource_1.7.0.tar.bz2
fcfd2e3685de8c0b79b2018638821c64411c66c61ab84d2bf74c149358c96dba  i2pupdate_1.7.0.zip
d8110d77efb9712d69b622df03b7c9cd7f492b516b71914efb6019d31541e771  i2pupdate.su3