• Posted: 2019-10-22
  • Author: zzz
  • Posted in release

In the 0.9.43 release, we continue work on stronger security and privacy features and performance improvements. Our implementation of the new leaseset specification (LS2) is now complete. We are beginning our implementation of stronger and faster end-to-end encryption (proposal 144) for a future release. Several IPv6 address detection issues have been fixed, and there of course are several other bug fixes.

As usual, we recommend that you update to this release. The best way to maintain security and help the network is to run the latest release.



  • Console setup wizard improvements
  • Tunnel wizard simplification
  • New I2CP BlindingInfo message for LS2
  • New proxy page to enter encrypted leaseset credentials

Bug Fixes

  • Fix tunnel SSL wizard
  • Fixes for SusiMail sent and drafts folder page
  • Detect IPv6 address changes
  • Fix detection and handling of IPv6 firewalled
  • Fix manual reseed from URL


  • i2ptunnel support for quoted custom options
  • i2psnark now starts with reduced tunnel count then increases as necessary
  • NTCP performance improvement
  • Refactor and speed up tunnel AES processing
  • Preliminary support for Servlet 3.0 webapps
  • Standardize date/time formatting in console
  • Tomcat 8.5.46
  • Translation updates
  • Update GeoIP data

Full list of fixed bugs

SHA256 Checksums:

9b20c38a392d5153759d2044ecdac7a90e79675738ead97bbcc731d972c47792  i2pinstall_0.9.43_windows.exe
e5eb3db08dcc594e2fb01ada63303ff48096a454db1c7659c928ddb07736c84a  i2pinstall_0.9.43.jar
beb2a3c62efce826cd5aa3e296b483143ad2c581ddb038677f960f7d110df81c  i2psource_0.9.43.tar.bz2
d2749cca9a4ffe299a41660631d980fbe88d8f988a46808de0582a178d1ac9bf  i2pupdate_0.9.43.zip
ba3ce48fadaa74b7345b49f7eca31337784d07ef9db060ab6cc93b9420ded7dd  i2pupdate.su3