• Posted: 2018-10-04
  • Author: zzz
  • Posted in release

0.9.37 enables the faster, more secure transport protocol called NTCP2.

As usual, we recommend that you update to this release. The best way to maintain security and help the network is to run the latest release.



  • Enable NTCP2 by default
  • Tomcat 8.5.34

Bug Fixes

  • NTCP2 fixes
  • Workaround for build hang with Tomcat 8.5.33/34


  • Progress on reproducible builds
  • Additional Arabic translations
  • Translation updates
  • Update GeoIPv6 data (new installs and PPA only)

Full list of fixed bugs

SHA256 Checksums:

17bfba2719d64fe04e971842236714b81997fcfea2d147faddf7df0354ea1b49  i2pinstall_0.9.37_windows.exe
4199321ce2700bf34bdd9b17f55a0aed74825e18d42e8d439082f387461b727e  i2pinstall_0.9.37.jar
0c3736572182519f4831201c72609f069229a2cc73d29ca135417c143061a18d  i2psource_0.9.37.tar.bz2
26153097c0d946c6166af61045e6effca391b86cc7a226a1efa93f7b3db7358b  i2pupdate_0.9.37.zip
5009b50f424dc4841140f7769227b41ef72fec870bbb70f6e47d4141b4d3a169  i2pupdate.su3