I2PCon is the first event of its kind. It has two short term goals. Where the first one is to provide the general public with an event where knowledge about privacy and privacy concerns can be obtained. The second goal is to further the I2P project and its community. This will take the shape of technical discussions about cryptography, anonymity and I2P centric topics.

There is a larger and more long-term goal of this event, and it is to build a commnutiy of privacy-conscious individuals. By connecting people who recognize the importance of privacy, we would like to provide a forum where this community can grow.

The idea for this event was first spawned by our wonderful friends at Toronto Crypto. The venue and everything relating to it is provided by Hacklab. Without either of them this event would not have been possible, so thank you both.



I2PCon is entirely free to attend! We ask you to register here, to give us an estimate of how many people will be attending. No identifying information has to be given in order to register, but if you have any concerns, please let us know.


Hacklab at 1266 Queen Street West, Unit #6, Toronto.


Power and WiFi access will be provided by Hacklab.


Day 1, August 15

Time Speaker Title
3:00PM zzz Intro
3:30PM Nick Johnston "TOS and PII - What happens to your data when the company gets bought and sold?" Different terms of service from popular web apps
4:30PM   Break
5:00PM zzz "Growing the Network, Spreading the Word"
5:45PM Lance James Keynote: "Privacy vs. Intelligence - Why can't we all just get along?"
6:45PM dnj Crypto party intro
7:00PM   Crypto Party, Mingle

Day 2, August 16

Time Speaker Title
12:00PM David Dagon "I2P Monitoring and Filtration"
1:00PM zzz "The Connection Limit Challenge"
2:00PM   Break
2:30PM Lance James "Anonymity protocols and malware - Why they fail"
3:30PM psi "I2P App Dev Intro"
4:00PM str4d "The Agony and the Ecstasy of I2P on Android"
4:30PM orignal "An Intro to i2pd"
4:45PM   Break
5:15PM   Roadmap meeting
6:15PM   Organizational meeting
6:45PM   Dinner break

I'm confused and would like some answers

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us on @geti2p.