Manually Installing the Java Wrapper

The installation package for the I2P router comes with a Java wrapper for the most common architectures. If your system is not supported by our installer—or if you want to update the wrapper to a newer version—the following steps describe installing the wrapper manually.

  • Check Tanuki Software's download page for your platform. Is your platform listed? If so, you're in luck! Download the most recent version of the Community Edition for your OS and CPU and move to the next step.
  • If your platform does not have an already compiled wrapper available, you may be able to compile it yourself. If you are willing to have a go at it, move on to compiling the wrapper for your system.

Using existing binaries

In the steps below, $I2P means the location I2P was installed to.

  1. tar xzf wrapper-*.tar.gz
  2. cp wrapper*/bin/wrapper $I2P/i2psvc
  3. cp wrapper*/lib/wrapper.jar $I2P/lib
  4. cp wrapper*/lib/ $I2P/lib
  5. Try to start I2P using $I2P/i2prouter start
  6. tail -f /tmp/wrapper.log and look for any problems.

If this did not work you'll need to use to start I2P.

Compiling from source

These steps worked to compile the wrapper for use on a mipsel system running Debian. The steps will need to be altered for your system.

  1. Download the source archive for the community version of the wrapper from wrapper download page.
  2. Extract the tarball
        tar xzf wrapper_3.5.13_src.tar.gz
  3. Set environment variables ANT_HOME and JAVA_HOME. For example, in Debian:
        export ANT_HOME=/usr/share/ant
        export JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/default-java
  4. Since there isn't a Makefile for Mipsel, we'll make a copy of an already existing makefile:
        cp src/c/Makefile-linux-x86-32.make src/c/Makefile-linux-mipsel-32.make
  5. Now we can attempt to compile the wrapper:
        ./ (use ./ if you have a 64bit CPU and JVM)
  6. Copy the wrapper into its proper place:
    • cp bin/wrapper $I2P/i2psvc
    • cp lib/wrapper.jar $I2P/lib
    • cp lib/ $I2P/lib
  7. Try to start I2P using $I2P/i2prouter start
  8. tail -f /tmp/wrapper.log and look for any problems.

If this did not work you'll need to use to start I2P.