I2P dev meeting, DATE

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DrWoo, duck, fidd, human, jar, jrand0m, kaji, li, lucky, madman2003, mihi, Newsbyte, wilde,

Full IRC Log

Considering we did not have a very official meeting do to Jrand0m not
feeling very well, here are my logs of the meeting from slightly
before it started to sometime after it ended.  I have edited out the
kick offs and start screens from iip restarting at least twice during
that period.  If someone else has better logs feel free to replace
these. (baffled)

<human> baffled: we're experimenting a psychic communication towards jrand0m, to ask him to be here for the meeting
<human> baffled: just focus your mind on him, and help us
> Don't we have to hold hands or something like that?
<human> baffled: if it helps you focusing your mind... well, yes
> Cool, gimme your hand I'm commensing to focus!
<UL >
<li> human gives his hand to baffled 
human has changed the topic on channel #i2p to I2P meeting: hold the hand of your neighbour, focus your mind on jrand0m, and ask him to come here
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<UL >
<li> baffled whipes the sacred potato-chip oil off his fingers and takes humans hand.
<DrWoo<a href="iip-wiki?action=edit&id=DrWoo" class=wikipageedit>?</a>> human: doesn't he make up a pre meeting agenda, you can grab that and direct the meeting
<human> DrWoo<a href="iip-wiki?action=edit&id=DrWoo" class=wikipageedit>?</a>: er... why me?
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<human> DrWoo<a href="iip-wiki?action=edit&id=DrWoo" class=wikipageedit>?</a>: (i didn't see any meeting agenda, though)
<DrWoo<a href="iip-wiki?action=edit&id=DrWoo" class=wikipageedit>?</a>> human: why not, you're sober
<wilde> let's make an agenda ourselves
<DrWoo<a href="iip-wiki?action=edit&id=DrWoo" class=wikipageedit>?</a>> yeah you guys know the general issues
<wilde> there are many topics to discuss
<UL >
<li> human will direct the meeting in exchange of the sacrifice of the first daughter of every participant
<wilde> funding, strategy, marketing, website, recruiting more developers and powerusers, etc
<human> wilde: i agree, we could informally talk about the recent history of I2P
<DrWoo<a href="iip-wiki?action=edit&id=DrWoo" class=wikipageedit>?</a>> wilde: open a text window and quickly make a numbered agenda
<UL >
<li> human agrees with wilde 
> As the first item don't we need to add massive responsibilites to jrandom in absentia?
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<UL >
<li> human agrees with baffled, too
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<wilde> back
> you're the first to say anything your in charge.
<wilde> who? me?
jar (jar@anon.iip) has joined channel #i2p
> quit looking surprised.
<DrWoo<a href="iip-wiki?action=edit&id=DrWoo" class=wikipageedit>?</a>> you guys are funny :)
> hey jar.
<jar> 'lo baffled :)
<jar> 'lo i2p !
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<UL >
<li> human started logging the meeting (or whatever it will be)
> We elected wild to run the meeting because he was the first to say anything after meeting time.
<wilde> ok
jrand0m (jrand0m@anon.iip) has joined channel #i2p
<wilde> 1. Hello
<wilde> 2. Status I2P
<wilde> 3. How to help I2P Project
<wilde> 4. Recruiting more developers
<wilde> 5. Raising money (donations, selling t-shirts)
<wilde> 6. General discussion
<human> jrand0m: has appeared!!!
<wilde> hey jrand0m!
> I'll take a t-shirt.
<human> our experiment succeeded!!!
<jrand0m> shit thought I missed it :)
<UL >
<li> jrand0m leaves the floor to wilde ;)
> You better look back through the log jrandom.
<wilde> ok boss you could modify the agenda as you like
<jrand0m> <a href="http://i2p.dnsalias.net/pipermail/i2p/2004-February/000144.html">http://i2p.dnsalias.net/pipermail/i2p/2004-February/000144.html</a>
<UL >
<li> jrand0m just posted
> Are the t-shirts good?
<jrand0m> they had better be
<UL >
<li> jrand0m apologizes for being late, been avoiding looking at the monitor today (killer headache)
> No apology necessary or expected.
<wilde> np, we prepared an emergency plan
<wilde> everyone taking a job at McDonalds<a href="iip-wiki?action=edit&id=McDonalds" class=wikipageedit>?</a> and hiring indian programmers for the money
Signoff: ion (Ping timeout)
<jrand0m> hah nice
<jrand0m> perhaps we can jump into that agenda, or are we on 1, 2, 3, 6?
<wilde> 0.
<wilde> 1. Hello
<wilde> Hello I2P
<fidd> hi
<jrand0m> hi
<jar> hi
<kaji> ah, i made it
<wilde> last hellos? going once, going twice...
<kaji> hi
> Which agenda the one you posted or the oone wild posted?
<jrand0m> perhaps I can help out with agenda 2) status
<wilde> 2. Status I2P
<jrand0m> the router, as is, is nonfunctional
<wilde> so how are we post-testnet?
> can we cote on that?
<jrand0m> post testnet, yes, but I introduced two bugs in the process
> vote.
<jrand0m> vote on whether its nonfunctional?
> Right.
<UL >
<li> jrand0m wonders if we vote hard enough it'll be functional again
<kaji> its dead for me
> oh, nevermind.
> well, we held hands and you appeared.
<jrand0m> hey, worth a shot ;)
<UL >
<li> jrand0m starts a bug-excorcism seance
> does that make them bogobugs?
<UL >
<li> DrWoo<a href="iip-wiki?action=edit&id=DrWoo" class=wikipageedit>?</a> sprinkles dried blood on the floor
<li> jrand0m senses that this chant will cause the bugs to dissapear in the next day or two, with an email going out to i2p@ once its ready
> oh wooooow!
<kaji> i switched to j2sdk1.4.2_03 to get ant to work on XP, i wonder how much of and effect it has on the router not working
<wilde> so there's a short i2p vacation
<jrand0m> none, I use that build on xp
<jrand0m> the bug is programmer error, probably a trivial one too
<jrand0m> (but quite fatal)
<jrand0m> right wilde
<jrand0m> but after that, I've been making a bunch of progress on the docs for 0.2.5 and 0.3
<jrand0m> so I don't think they'll be a full two weeks out
<jrand0m> but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.
<wilde> nice, any application improvments anyone?
<jrand0m> one idea - on the testnet, we focused a lot on irc and echo, more than eepsites
<UL >
<li> wilde notes in the black book who hasn't done todays homework, a cool I2P application
> Do you think they suffered for that? I certainly do.
<jrand0m> having lots of clients (aka destinations) on a single router increases the load, and we may want to think about trimming down our test scope, perhaps
<jrand0m> there's also a discussion wrt perhaps revisiting the keysize of the crypto to reduce the load (for another day after we have more metrics, etc) 
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> What do you consider a lot of clients on one router?
<jrand0m> I dont know, I would like once 0.2.4.x is out and usable that we can use both IRC and eepsites
<jrand0m> that depends on the computer
<wilde> so what's best for now? eepsites or irc?
<UL >
<li> jrand0m wants both, and we will have both functional in the mid and long run
<jrand0m> anyway, we can see as 0.2.4.x comes out.  perhaps both will be fine again.
<wilde> yeah but what's most useful for debugging? continous connections or sporadic ones?
<jrand0m> both ;)
<wilde> lighweight irc, or eep graphics?
<jrand0m> i2p needs to support long term streaming connections and short term bursty ones
<kaji> what about heavy long downloads?
<jrand0m> right, long term streaming connections
<jrand0m> (though I do think filesharing over i2p would best be served with i2psnark via messages, ala udp)
<wilde> the question really is: you suggested narrowing the test scope, was that to IRC or EEP?
<wilde> (or something else)
<jrand0m> two or three clients will be fine, I just know that running 4+ services may be a bit of an overload for the time being (depending on people's computer)
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<wilde> ok, that's probably wise
<jrand0m> anyone have any dev status for client apps?
<wilde> so the focus should be on services that can us some statistics, like the irc scripts
<jrand0m> that is definitely key.
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<jrand0m> woah
<jrand0m> hi Newsbyte
<Newsbyte> ah, jran
<UL >
<li> wilde looks at the clock and at Newsbyte, late arrival, that will cost you an apple
<Newsbyte> huh?
<Newsbyte> I never come here
<jrand0m> also, the echo server and client app is great at gathering stats, and doesn't have any irc-specific dependencies. 
<wilde> nothing
<Newsbyte> besides, what's an I2P meeting without nop? ;-)
<DrWoo<a href="iip-wiki?action=edit&id=DrWoo" class=wikipageedit>?</a>> wilde: heh somehow I dont think hes here for the meeting :)
<human> would an eepsite monitoring tool be useful?
<Newsbyte> no nop, no meeting
<UL >
<li> Newsbyte can summarise
<wilde> jrand0m: is there something else you'd like to have statistics in the network?
<jrand0m> human> certainly - perhaps some way to do periodic pings of eepsites, maybe keeping track of changes even?
<human> jrand0m: keeping track of what changes?
<jrand0m> I think with the irc scripts giving us long term disconnect / reliability stats, plus the echo app giving us latency, the only thing left is really throughput
<jrand0m> content on the page changing 
<Newsbyte> yes, and use more then one server
<wilde> a kb/s meter, I2P Pirate Radio someone?
<jrand0m> hmm?  right, when the net is up we usually have between 4-10 servers
<human> jrand0m: it's doable but... how would you use the content change information?
<kaji> i ran a shoutcast stream for a while
<jrand0m> human> that particular aspect wouldn't help me, but would let users use the test (which would tell them whats changed, as well as get them to run the test more [generate more traffic])
<jrand0m> nice kaji
<jrand0m> yeah, aum's streams were up periodically as well
<human> jrand0m: oh, ok, now i understand
<mihi> jrand0m: a chargen service? ;)
<madman2003> bye everyone, good luck with i2p
<wilde> so throuhput is one stat that would be interesting/useful
<jrand0m> later madman2003
<wilde> cya madman2003
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> Well, I have another meeting at five as usual so I'll bbl.  Remember to put me down for a t-shirt.
<jrand0m> yes mihi, that'd work (but streaming .ogg sounds cooler)
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<wilde> hey
<wilde> is the network unstable?
<wilde> I just couldn't get back on
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<lucky> yea
<lucky> its a bit... ugh.
<lucky> recently.
<wilde> what happened to the meeting?
<lucky> probably got decimated
<wilde> ok lucky what was the last thing you saw from the meeting? (msg me)
<lucky> <wilde> cya madman2003
<lucky> <-- madman2003 has quit (( www.nnscript.de :: NoNameScript<a href="iip-wiki?action=edit&id=NoNameScript" class=wikipageedit>?</a> 3.8 :: www.XLhost.de ))
<lucky> <jrand0m> yes mihi, that'd work (but streaming .ogg sounds cooler)
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<wilde> ok that's where it ended for me too
<fidd> me2
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<kaji> the meeting got nuked
kaji has changed the topic on channel #i2p to nuked
<kaji> ping?
<jar> pong!
<kaji> ok
<kaji> ithough it crashed again
<jar> yep :(
Signoff: wilde ()
<kaji> so... meeting?
<jar> ending brutaly ...
<jar> more signs of jrandom, it seems it's all for the moment
<jar> next move on in few days ....
<jar> (one or two as said jr)
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<kaji> wilde said something about funding, but last time i asked jran he said i2p wasnt in a position to need money atm
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<mihi> hmm, what happened to the meeting?
<UL >
<li> mihi has an idea
<mihi> ;)
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<mihi> no one knowing anything about the meeting?
<UL >
<li> mihi notices that no one fears ops any longer ;)
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<lucky> mihi, we lall got kicked for the meoeting
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<mihi> ok, nite
<duck> hello
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Signoff: mihi (let's have more luck next week...)
<duck> did I miss anything?
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