I2P dev meeting, August 16, 2005

Quick recap

  • Present:

cervantes, Complication, jrandom, postman, susi23,

Full IRC Log

13:09 <@jrandom> 0) hi
13:09 <@jrandom> 1) PeerTest status
13:09 <@jrandom> 2) Irc2P
13:09 <@jrandom> 3) Feedspace
13:09 <@jrandom> 4) meta
13:09 <@jrandom> 5) ???
13:09 <@jrandom> 0) hi
13:09  * jrandom waves
13:09 <@jrandom> weekly status notes up @ http://dev.i2p.net/pipermail/i2p/2005-August/000842.html
13:10 <@jrandom> (which i'm sure you've all read studiously)
13:10 <@postman> hi
13:10 <+cervantes> hmm changate perl scripts...will give them a go...
13:10 <+cervantes> hi
13:10 <@jrandom> 1) peer test status
13:11 <@jrandom> not too much to add on this beyond what i posted in the notes - anyone have any questions/comments/concerns with it?
13:11 <@jrandom> i'm not sure whether to verify the remote reachability of everyone who connects to us, but i'm toying with that idea
13:11 <@jrandom> (we do that now with tcp)
13:13 <@jrandom> well, perhaps we can try it without that on a before moving to 0.6.1.  ve zhall zee
13:13 <@jrandom> ok, moving on to 2) irc2p
13:13 <@jrandom> y'all are here, so you know whats up :)
13:13 <@jrandom> nice work postman & smeghead
13:16 <@jrandom> ok, smeghead & postman have been putting out plenty of info on that thaang, so if there's nothing else y'all want to bring up on that, we can swing over to 3) feedspace
13:16 <@jrandom> frosk seems to have stepped out, and i don't really have anything to add beyond whats in the notes (and on his blog)
13:17 <@postman> :)
13:17  * Complication is reading frosk's blog
13:18 <@jrandom> ok, perhaps frosk'll fill us in with a post there when there's more info to share
13:19 <@jrandom> movin' on briefly to 4) meta
13:19 <@jrandom> what are y'all's thoughts on 8p GMT meetings?  too early, too late, just right?
13:21  * jrandom holds back the crowds
13:21 <+Complication> I'd like to say something useful, but cannot seem to find my world clock...
13:21 <@jrandom> google://what+time+is+it
13:22 <+Complication> :)
13:22 <@jrandom> ok, movin' on to 5) ???
13:22 <@jrandom> anyone have anything else they want to bring up?
13:23 <+susi23> well
13:23 <+susi23> not officially ;)
13:24 <+Complication> It's been an unusually stable time.
13:24 <+Complication> Aside from occasional "message invalid" (or was it "packet invalid"), I can't find errors to report. :o
13:24 <@postman> my errors are already reported :)
13:24 <@jrandom> coo', though thats unfortunately a symptom of undetected errors Complication, since there's still some stuff not going as it Should
13:25 <@jrandom> but, progress, ever onwards
13:25 <@jrandom> perhaps we're seeing a lot of restricted routes out there due to the udp situation
13:25 <+susi23> we started a new idlerpg on #idle and you are all invited to join :)
13:25 <@jrandom> (and perhaps there's a bunch of other things...)
13:25 <@jrandom> w00t susi23 
13:26 <+susi23> :P
13:30 <@jrandom> ok, anyone else have something to bring up for the meeting?
13:32 <@jrandom> ok, if there's nothin' else
13:32  * jrandom winds up
13:32  * jrandom *baf*s the meeting closed