I2P dev meeting, March 3, 2016 @ 20:00 UTC

Quick recap

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anonimal, comraden1, eche|on, hottuna4, orignal_, sadie_i2p, str4d, Yankee, zzz

IRC 完整日志

20:00:02 <zzz> 0) Hi
20:00:02 <zzz> 1) Review of old assigned tasks still open from Dec. 30 meeting http://zzz.i2p/topics/2014
20:00:02 <zzz> 2) Review of new assigned tasks from Feb. 2 meeting http://zzz.i2p/topics/2014
20:00:02 <zzz> 3) Prep and schedule for roadmap meetings http://zzz.i2p/topics/2021
20:00:02 <zzz> 4) Code of Conduct proposal (Sadie) http://zzz.i2p/topics/2015?page=2
20:00:12 <zzz> 0) Hi
20:00:15 <zzz> hi
20:00:25 <anonimal> Hi
20:00:38 <str4d> Hi
20:01:07 <zzz> 1) Review of old assigned tasks still open from Dec. 30 meeting http://zzz.i2p/topics/2014
20:01:19 <hottuna4> hi
20:01:37 <zzz> gravy to post one on encrypted leasesets by Jan. 27, or different topic, by Feb. 15
20:01:51 <zzz> anybody know about gravy's status?
20:03:13 <anonimal> Nope.
20:03:47 <sadie_i2p> busy irl
20:04:07 <zzz> sadie_i2p, you have a new date from him?
20:04:24 <sadie_i2p> waiting for new date from Gravy
20:04:33 <zzz> ok, we'll roll it over to next meeting
20:04:42 <zzz> Sadie to work with J to get his reseed blog post up, new date mid-Feb.
20:04:49 <zzz> sadie_i2p, what's the latest on this?
20:05:42 <sadie_i2p> J is busy also, working with Back up
20:06:07 <zzz> sadie_i2p, is a blog post going to happen at this point or should we move on?
20:06:44 <sadie_i2p> back up and I working on something else at this point - blog post will probably not happen
20:06:58 <zzz> ok, I'll scratch it off the list
20:07:02 <sadie_i2p> move on
20:07:17 <zzz> Sadie to contact backup to discuss reseed campaign, new date mid-Feb.
20:07:32 <zzz> sadie_i2p, what are you and backup cooking up?
20:07:34 <anonimal> Feb?
20:07:54 <zzz> yes anonimal these are all past-due items
20:08:26 <sadie_i2p> new content and graphics 
20:08:51 <zzz> for the website i presume
20:08:55 <sadie_i2p> there will be delays on this due to schedules but back up is now working on content and I am working on graphics for the site
20:09:15 <zzz> what about the "campaign" beyond the website itself?
20:09:30 <zzz> what do you guys have planned? and when?
20:09:34 <eche|on> great
20:09:47 <sadie_i2p> we will prepare a new page for the site and then begin directing people there via social media etc...
20:10:00 <sadie_i2p> maybe use new stickers as incentive too
20:10:10 <eche|on> stickers!
20:10:17 <zzz> ooh yeah, stickers to reseeders, great idea
20:10:19 <str4d> Is this a "what is reseed" page, or a "how to run a reseed" guide?
20:10:49 <sadie_i2p> this is a new how to run a reseed guide
20:11:36 <zzz> sadie_i2p, can you please give us the next milestone for this? (date, what it is)
20:12:12 <str4d> This would be a guide for "users" of or contributors to I2P then, rather than developers
20:12:26 <str4d> So I'll think of a better place to put these guides
20:13:07 <sadie_i2p> this has the potential to take a bit longer - I will say in two months time latest
20:13:10 <str4d> except hmm...
20:13:21 <sadie_i2p> The guide will be for users of and contributors
20:13:45 <zzz> sadie_i2p, please give us an intermediate milestone for next month
20:13:59 <sadie_i2p> can probably provide content up date in one month
20:14:02 <str4d> Actually, I guess it does belong under "Get involved -> Guides"
20:14:11 <zzz> ok great
20:14:16 <zzz> moving on
20:14:26 <zzz> str4d, gravy, cacapo: Add use cases, what are we best at, more "passion" and "fat", add / highlight Bote, by end of
20:14:39 <zzz> January OPEN, new date March 1
20:14:50 <zzz> I saw that cacapo wrote up some nice use cases
20:15:06 <str4d> Yah, based on dymaxion's examples
20:15:11 <zzz> str4d, what's the status on pulling that into the website along with some passion and fat?
20:15:21 <Yankee> Hello ladies and gentlemen!
20:15:35 <str4d> IMHO the content needs a little polishing (feels a bit too "I2P to the rescue!")
20:16:03 <str4d> As for where on the site, I'm still not quite sure where to fit this in
20:16:05 <zzz> str4d, was due march 1, can you give us a new date for getting this on to the website?
20:16:45 <str4d> The "goal" of this item was to do something better than the current middle-column of the front-page and the supported applications page
20:18:02 <str4d> zzz, I can put the page up at a URL
20:18:42 <zzz> are you and sadie_i2p on the same page on what this work item is? sadie added this to the todo list at ccc
20:20:29 <str4d> It
20:20:45 <str4d> 's a start, but we still need to figure out the broader information architecture
20:20:57 <str4d> what it is we are actually trying to convey with the homepage
20:21:42 <zzz> ok so give me a date for the first part
20:21:49 <zzz> please
20:22:12 <str4d> I will migrate the use cases document to the website by the end of this week
20:22:42 <str4d> And a further status report at the next meeting on the homepage rearchitecture
20:23:04 <zzz> ok great, hopefully you and sadie can discuss the details on the larger goals of fat and passion.
20:23:39 <zzz> comraden to edit / polish / enhance / post I2P story by end of February
20:24:13 <zzz> anybody know what comraden1 is up to? I need the edited draft back from him, then I want to take one more pass at it
20:25:00 <zzz> this was due on the website monday
20:25:30 <sadie_i2p> new date is April 1 
20:25:59 <zzz> ok. i need the draft back from him in a couple weeks then
20:26:14 <anonimal> zzz: Link to present story draft?
20:26:39 <zzz> what's on zzzi2p is still the latest. I don't want to make any changes while comraden1 has the "master"
20:26:53 <zzz> ok moving on
20:27:09 <zzz> tickets: Sadie to review, make recommendations or possibly start managing them (by when?) OPEN - new date mid-Feb. (?)
20:27:09 <anonimal> Ok.
20:27:30 <zzz> sadie_i2p, how's this big task going?
20:28:06 <sadie_i2p> ugh
20:29:12 <zzz> need a little more than just ugh :)
20:29:14 <str4d> It was a sizeable task :P
20:29:35 <sadie_i2p> str4d and I have talked about weekly ticket meetings
20:29:56 <zzz> that could be more feasible than some one-time 'review'
20:30:06 <str4d> I thought I brought this up at an earlier meeting, but in case I didn't: I added an "open" status to Trac, to denote tickets we devs have seen but there is no one assigned or no particular status.
20:30:26 <str4d> My goal of that was to differentiate those tickets from actually-new tickets
20:30:26 <sadie_i2p> yes it would
20:30:26 <zzz> sadie_i2p, have you gotten into it enough to make any recommendations on how we are managing tickets?
20:31:08 <str4d> So the pile of "new" tickets is a darn sight smaller now I've kicked the ones we opened ourselves
20:31:15 <sadie_i2p> at this point my best recommendation is weekly check in and triage 
20:32:34 <str4d> +1
20:32:34 <zzz> ok. are we ready yet to schedule the first meeting or is there more organizing to do first?
20:33:28 <str4d> I'm still travelling, so I'd prefer to wait until next week
20:33:46 <zzz> ok. if you haven't scheduled anything before the April meeting, we will ping you then
20:34:05 <zzz> str4d Android 0.9.24 release by Feb 7, TODO list collated by Feb. 26
20:34:21 <zzz> seems like you're behind on those :)
20:34:28 <str4d> Heh
20:34:34 <zzz> new dates?
20:34:37 <str4d> Both of those failed miserably, because PhD thesis
20:34:55 <str4d> (which I *finally* got submitted mid-Feb)
20:35:04 <str4d> I'm working on cutting 0.9.24 as we speak
20:35:06 <zzz> woot.
20:35:10 <str4d> (on sloooooow laptop()
20:35:14 <str4d> )
20:35:16 <zzz> and the todo list?
20:35:31 <str4d> Todo list collation will happen in the next few days
20:35:41 <zzz> ok, we're going to hold you to it
20:35:51 <str4d> heh :P
20:36:01 <zzz> str4d and zzz to review VRP ticket by Feb 12. I did my side.
20:36:06 <str4d> It's mainly just going through the in-repo todo list and looking for things missing from my personal todo list
20:36:14 <zzz> new date for that?
20:36:20 <anonimal> Re: #1119, I'm just now seeing zzz's latest comment from 3 weeks ago. I never received an email nor have I been receiving emails from github or other things over the past few weeks to @mail.i2p/@i2pmail.org.
20:36:32 <anonimal> I'm seriously wondering if postman's email service is having problems.
20:36:37 <str4d> Another thesis casualty. I'll read through it this afternoon after 0.9.24 is out
20:36:46 <anonimal> I may have to switch email :/
20:36:49 <zzz> ok great
20:36:49 <str4d> anonimal, yah, I have had serious issues lately too (lots of email getting bounced)
20:37:03 <zzz> believe it or not, I think that's all for 1)
20:37:11 <zzz> and 2)
20:37:17 <str4d> (since about Feb 6ish)
20:37:22 <anonimal> zzz: I'll read your comments more in-depth and rewrite the VRP.
20:37:28 <zzz> 3) Prep and schedule for roadmap meetings http://zzz.i2p/topics/2021
20:37:33 <anonimal> Wait!
20:37:45 <zzz> ok, sorry, anything else on  1 or 2?
20:37:45 <anonimal> For 1): decision on H1?
20:38:06 <anonimal> The decision on H1 was moved to 1) from what I remember.
20:38:41 <anonimal> Or not, either way I think we'll cover it today.
20:38:47 <zzz> at the last meeting, we decided we would wrap up the VRP and h1 discussions at the roadmap meetings march 4-6
20:39:11 <anonimal> K.
20:39:23 <zzz> I just schedule those, we're going to do them tomorrow and sunday at 3 PM UTC. anonimal can you make either of those meetings?
20:39:30 <str4d> Woo, that gives me a chance to review :P
20:41:08 <zzz> so that takes us to 3)
20:41:11 <zzz> as I said
20:41:19 <zzz> I just schedule those, we're going to do them tomorrow and sunday at 3 PM UTC. 
20:41:21 <anonimal> zzz: Eek, saturday is kovri's whopping two hour minimum 6pm UTC meeting.
20:41:21 * anonimal thinking
20:41:23 <anonimal> zzz: How long do you think saturday's meeting will run to?
20:41:33 <orignal_> does everybody have to care about kovri meeting here?
20:41:40 <zzz> our meetings will be friday and sunday. no saturday.
20:41:46 <orignal_> or it can be sorted out privately?
20:42:05 <zzz> I propose we do VRP first thing in the sunday meeting. ok?
20:42:06 * anonimal lost track of days
20:42:11 <anonimal> I can do Sunday.
20:42:16 <anonimal> Ok, sounds great.
20:43:00 <zzz> these are going to be informal meetings, reviewing where we are at and where we want to go
20:43:11 <zzz> the goal is to set a roadmap for the rest of the year at least
20:43:22 <zzz> the second meeting may be more structured
20:43:46 <zzz> I'm kindof stuck on what I should be doing next and for the rest of the year. so these meetings are vital to\
20:43:52 <zzz> setting the direction for me
20:44:08 <str4d> Mmmk
20:44:15 <anonimal> K.
20:44:37 <zzz> so friday will be more informal review or priorities. Sunday we'll start with h1/vrp, then move to really nail down the roadmap for .26-.29
20:44:47 <zzz> anything else on 3)
20:45:31 <zzz> moving on to 4)
20:45:39 <zzz> 4) Code of Conduct proposal (Sadie) http://zzz.i2p/topics/2015?page=2
20:45:56 <zzz> i see she's now proposed doing something similar to debian
20:46:00 <zzz> ah back just in time
20:46:12 <zzz> anybody have any thoughts on the debian coc?
20:46:48 <orignal_> dedian is not an anonymous network
20:46:56 * str4d pulls up the link
20:47:05 <str4d> orignal_, no, but it is FOSS
20:47:08 <zzz> but what's your thoughts on their CoC orignal_ ?
20:47:17 <orignal_> people comes to I2P for different reasons
20:47:33 <anonimal> IMO, it's a little limp and I'm not sure how anything is enforced.
20:48:02 <orignal_> zzz, their CoC is suitable for them since it's an established project with history
20:48:04 <zzz> sadie, what do you like about the debian CoC?
20:48:14 <orignal_> I2P is completely different
20:48:32 <sadie_i2p> it seemed to provide a good basic structure for us to start with at least
20:48:40 <str4d> orignal_, and I2P's >10-year history doesn't make it an established project?
20:48:45 <zzz> sure, we're different, but we are indeed an established project with history
20:48:51 <orignal_> the last things people come here to listen this HR's BS again
20:49:31 <zzz> I dont see what the reasons have for coming to a project has to do with the standards for how they should behave once they get here
20:49:41 <zzz> HR?
20:50:31 <sadie_i2p> I am looking for examples that are simple and to the point - 
20:50:31 <sadie_i2p> so perhaps not the best, but somewhere to start
20:51:29 <zzz> do we think the debian one is the best place to start, or would the monero be better
20:51:36 <orignal_> str4d, unfortunally not
20:51:51 <str4d> orignal_, "people != developers", once again.
20:51:53 <orignal_> compare how many people use Debian and I2P
20:52:11 <orignal_> donn't try to copy a big guys, you are not at that league yet
20:52:12 <str4d> We can't conflate users with developers.
20:52:21 <zzz> I think if we can pick the one closest to our goal, then we can ask some people to work on editing it to fit our situation
20:52:42 <str4d> That would be like saying "anyone who installs Debian OS cannot say anything we don't like"
20:52:42 <str4d> That is *not* what the point is here
20:52:53 <str4d> And therefore, userbase does not matter for this discussion
20:52:54 <sadie_i2p> monero has a very good one as well - if this is better of the two I have no objection
20:53:21 <orignal_> zzz, CoC is a HR's stuff
20:53:21 <orignal_> nothing else
20:53:28 <zzz> opinions from others on debian vs. monero ?
20:53:44 <anonimal> + Monero
20:53:49 <zzz> orignal_, what do you mean by "HR"?
20:54:07 <orignal_> HR = human resource
20:54:24 <zzz> moneros is shorter than debian, so I guess it's easier to start small
20:55:13 <zzz> do we have any volunteers to mark up the monero CoC with proposed changes and come back with it next month?
20:55:18 <str4d> zzz, I like the essence of the Debian one, in that it covers a lot of what I think we care about (e.g. point 2 would have been very useful recently)
20:55:26 <zzz> or the debian one
20:55:28 <orignal_> my opinion again, it's a time for it yet
20:55:40 <zzz> we don't have to decide now on debian vs monero
20:55:48 <zzz> orignal_, we got your message loud and clear, thanks
20:55:59 <str4d> And it isn't too prescriptive
20:56:13 <zzz> no decisions made. we're just discussing.
20:56:40 <sadie_i2p> we can use what is most applicable from both
20:56:43 <anonimal> Re: CoC,
20:56:56 <str4d> I also like point 6 - that in responding to issues, the responder should also be respectful of the CoC
20:57:03 <anonimal> https://github.com/monero-project/kovri/blob/master/doc/CONTRIBUTING.md
20:57:09 <anonimal> Also includes beautiful Monero governance process graphic.
20:57:30 <comraden1> zzz: re: draft -- I've been hit with an increase of crap at work and I'm dealing with a family member who went back into remission, so the history draft got put on the back burner. sadie_i2p mentioned 2016-04-01 as the new date which I'll try to meet
20:57:30 <str4d> Ooh, pictures!
20:57:48 <comraden1> zzz: apologies for being out of the loop for a few weeks!
20:58:06 <anonimal> str4d zzz: Yeah, and I'd be willing to patch the contributing guide to suit java i2p.
20:58:52 <anonimal> Hi comraden1, I'm posting something to the story of i2p page for review.
20:59:30 <sadie_i2p> i'll volunteer
20:59:58 <comraden1> anonimal: hey thanks :) if it's on forum I'll get to it next time I hop on. Feel free to pm it to me or reach out on clearnet
21:00:05 <zzz> ok, excellent. Sadie_i2p and anonimal, can you come back with a recommendation at next month's meeting?
21:00:20 <sadie_i2p> sure
21:00:25 <zzz> comraden1, thanks for the update, sorry to hear about the family issues
21:00:31 <zzz> anything else on 4) ?
21:00:40 * zzz warms up the baffer
21:00:48 <zzz> anything else for the meeting?
21:00:54 <orignal_> yes, writing CoC for somebody seems a better work
21:01:13 <anonimal> Yes, though because i2pmail is problematic lately, sadie_i2p and I should try to chat over IRC if possible.
21:01:21 <anonimal> No, nothing else for meeting from me zzz.
21:01:52 <zzz> orignal_, please do not interrupt our meeting with snide comments about kovri. It went way too far last month and I promised I wouldn't let it happen again
21:02:07 <orignal_> did I?
21:02:41 * zzz *bafs* the meeting closed
21:02:45 <zzz> thanks everybody