I2P dev meeting, DATE @ 21:00 UTC

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ion, jrand0m, mihi, shardy,

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[21:09] <jrand0m> ok.  21:00 UTC esta ahora
[21:09] <jrand0m> welcome to the um meeting
[21:09] <jrand0m> we have a lot of people out today (nop, hezekiah, thecrypto, and userx), so we'll keep it brief
[21:10] <jrand0m> agenda: 1) hi 2) sdk 3) status 4) questions
[21:10] <jrand0m> 1) hi
[21:10] <jrand0m> hello.
[21:10] <jrand0m> 2) sdk
[21:11] <jrand0m> the I2P SDK 0.1 is ready for quiet release.  
[21:11] <mihi> quiet release?
[21:11] <jrand0m> basically we're not publicizing it except for people in the know, and those trusted by people in the know
[21:12] <jrand0m> it is however fully ready to do application design, development, and testing with
[21:12] <jrand0m> If you're on #iip-dev, you're in the know
[21:13] <jrand0m> so anyone who wants to check it out can either pull it from CVS or retrieve source, docs, and build from CHK@GZ-A-C~SH03AwBuKf~AE3E347IcKAwI,4K38eh3m06zAygRzUnw4tQ/i2p_sdk.zip
[21:13] * UserX has joined #iip-dev
[21:13] <jrand0m> hey, its UserX
[21:14] <jrand0m> The 0.1 of the SDK contains the working java client API, as well as both a python and java router implementation and a simple command line chat application
[21:15] <jrand0m> The point of having the SDK is so that people can get a head start on development so their applications will be up and running once the network goes operational and public in september.
[21:16] <mihi> september that never ended? ;)
[21:16] <jrand0m> (rather than having the network up and running with no applications)
[21:16] <jrand0m> heh
[21:16] <jrand0m> no, we're actually beating the schedule I posted to iip-dev a few weeks back in the ganttproject document
[21:16] <jrand0m> not by much (5 days), but beating it none the less.
[21:17] <jrand0m> I'm quite confident that we'll be 1.0alpha in september.
[21:17] <jrand0m> Also, for status, I suspect that there will be a new I2NP (network proto) draft out by the end of the week.
[21:18] <jrand0m> Then, hopefully next week we can have some internal review and revisions, after which we can go into peer review.
[21:18] * shardy_ is now known as shardy
[21:18] <jrand0m> 'lo shardy
[21:18] <shardy> hiya.
[21:18] <shardy> how goes?
[21:19] <jrand0m> wikked.  
[21:19] <jrand0m> I hear rumors we might be able to get some of your time for some .net client lib stuff?
[21:19] * jrand0m may be misinformed
[21:20] * ion has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[21:21] <shardy> .net? nope, that's not me...
[21:21] <jrand0m> ah 'k, my bad
[21:21] <jrand0m> soy muy tonto
[21:21] <jrand0m> well, hi anyway :)
[21:21] <jrand0m> I also got some feedback from co wrt the naming service application
[21:22] * ion has joined #iip-dev
[21:22] <jrand0m> "On August 8th the first version of the specification for the naming service was posted.  It was discovered that the specification has flaws, and I am revising it. It should be done within a week or so. After that, I will be start implementing the system.  In the end, there will be four components of this software: 
[21:22] <jrand0m> 1. Client program to interact with naming service.
[21:22] <jrand0m> 2. Program for the naming service itself.
[21:22] <jrand0m> 3. Administrative utilities for the naming service.
[21:22] <jrand0m> 4. A Certificate Authority (CA) component."
[21:23] <jrand0m> That's co's status report
[21:23] <jrand0m> I think that may be it for status, unless someone has something to add.
[21:24] <shardy> neat.
[21:24] <jrand0m> definitely neat
[21:24] <shardy> as soon as I get time I'm going to start looking over the specs and get familiar with the way you guys do things.
[21:25] <jrand0m> cool.  the I2CP spec in the SDK is pretty much operational, but the I2P network spec posted yesterday is a few weeks behind the times.
[21:25] <jrand0m> I'll be posting a new version probably on friday.
[21:25] <jrand0m> (and as this project only began in earnest maybe a month ago, we're open for variations in how we work)
[21:26] <jrand0m> oh wait, now I remember, you're the ecc guy :)
[21:26] <shardy> yep, that's me. although I haven't really done much with ecc in a while... I'm now the prng guy.
[21:27] <jrand0m> oh nice.  we're currently using generic prngs, and will want a better way to deal with random data
[21:27] <jrand0m> ok
[21:27] <shardy> generic ones? nop mentioned using yarrow, which seems pretty good.
[21:28] <shardy> I'm doing implementation work on a new prng now. trying to reduce the theory and practice gap somewhat. :)
[21:28] <jrand0m> right.  we have a GPL'ed version of yarrow we can pull from freenet into the java implementations, but for the time being we're using java's built in one (java.security.SecureRandom)
[21:28] <jrand0m> heh
[21:29] <mihi> be careful w/ yarrow from freenet, it does heisenbugs ;)
[21:29] <jrand0m> lol
[21:29] <jrand0m> well, thats fixed now that its synchronized
[21:29] * jrand0m opens the floor to any questions
[21:30] * mihi gets DNF for the key mentioned above :(
[21:30] <jrand0m> shite.  I inserted it a dozen times at htl 25
[21:30] <jrand0m> I'll reinsert it yet again
[21:32] <jrand0m> anyone have any questions, other than "why won't freenet find the SDK's key?"
[21:33] * mihi did not ask that ;) and does not have any other questions until he looks @ it ;)
[21:33] <jrand0m> heh
[21:33] <mihi> who puts the log onto the wiki this time? /me has it completely this time.
[21:33] <jrand0m> awesome, go for it
[21:34] <jrand0m> I believe we're out of questions for the meeting, though please everyone feel free to post up further thoughts ot the mailing list.
[21:34] * jrand0m really likes active discussion on iip-dev, even if its everyone saying how my docs suck
[21:34] <mihi> your java sux, jrandom ;) (HHOK)
[21:35] <jrand0m> thats more like it
[21:35] <jrand0m> I'm reinserting the .zip from freenet's CLI, so it'll probably have a different CHK
[21:36] <jrand0m> I'll msg people with it after I reinsert it a few times
[21:36] <jrand0m> mihi wants it.  anyone else I should msg?
[21:36] <jrand0m> (or anyone can ask at another time, as well)
[21:36] <mihi> you could mail it to me...
[21:36] <jrand0m> 1.1Mb
[21:37] <mihi> if it is not *too* large.
[21:37] <mihi> erm, okay then not.
[21:37] * mihi is not kind on fetching splitfiles anyway
[21:37] <mihi> s/kind/keen/
[21:37] <jrand0m> heh, are you going to suggest I insert it without FEC?
[21:38] <mihi> i guess it won't have any chance in current freenet.
[21:38] <jrand0m> ok, I'll see about getting it web accessible with a private URL
[21:39] * jrand0m feels kind of weird with this quiet release thing, but I think its for the best
[21:40] <mihi> just put it on some webspace and put some gpg conventional encryption around it - and tell the passphrase here.
[21:40] <mihi> or use the key mentioned above as passphrase
[21:40] <mihi> btw - shall i strip that one from the log?
[21:41] <jrand0m> no need to.  I'm paranoid enough to believe if its said here, its available to those who want to see it ;)
[21:41] <jrand0m> I'll have nop toss it up on some webspace when he gets back later this evening and anonymail people with the appropriate info (url &amp; password / technology / etc)
[21:43] <mihi> thx. "this evening" regarding which time zone? (me will go to bea in about 1 hour)
[21:43] <mihi> s/bea/bed
[21:46] <jrand0m> heh, evening for nop, which is california
[21:46] <jrand0m> ok, I've got to jet.  
[21:46] * jrand0m !thwaps meeting to an end
[21:46] <jrand0m> gracias srs y srtas
[21:46] * mihi hands jrandom the *baf*er
[21:47] * jrand0m *baf*s  mihi on the head
[21:47] * shardy has quit IRC (EOF From client)
[21:48] <ion> 2 blocks downloading above url
[21:48] <jrand0m> nice
[21:48] * shardy has joined #iip-dev
[21:48] * mihi drops dead.