I2P dev meeting, July 22, 2003

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cohesion, hezekiah, jeet, jeremiah, jrand0m, mihi, nemesis, nop, thecrypto, wilde, Zwolly,

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--- Log opened Tue Jul 22 15:56:06 2003
15:56 <@hezekiah> jrand0m: Righto!
15:56 -!- mode/#iip-dev [+o jrand0m] by hezekiah
15:56 <@cohesion> log enabled
15:56 <@jrand0m> w00t
15:56 <@nop> we need to add cohesion and remove mids on dev list
15:56 <@hezekiah> Excelent. :)
15:56 <@hezekiah> What dev list?
15:56 <@cohesion> nop: i tried CVS and it wouldn't accept my user/pass
15:56 <@nop> ok, I'll add you
15:56 <@nop> hold
15:56 <@nop> what is your sf id
15:56 <@cohesion> cohesion
15:56 <@nop> pmsg me if you need
15:56 <@nop> ok
15:57 <@cohesion> i think
15:57 -!- thecrypto [thecrypto@anon.iip] has joined #iip-dev
15:57 <@hezekiah> BTW, everyone I will be leaving around 22:15.
15:57 <@hezekiah> UTC
15:57 <@cohesion> yea
15:57 <@cohesion> hezekiah: okay
15:58 <@nop> cohesion: you're in
15:58 <@nop> we need to update website
15:58 <@cohesion> nop: okay
15:58 <@cohesion> nop: i'll try it now
15:58 <@nop> and we need to start modelling the IIP with an I2P
15:58 < thecrypto> hey
15:58 < thecrypto> i made it
15:58 <@nop> ok
15:58 <@nop> werd
15:58 <@nop> ;)
16:00 <@hezekiah> jrand0m? I just looked at your revision to the
development schedual.
16:00 <@jrand0m> si sr?
16:00 <@hezekiah> The graph with the bars and lines gets chopped off at
the right hand side; I can't see the rest of it.
16:01 <@jrand0m> yeah, ganttproject isn't quite perfect, but its better
than doing it by hand.
16:01 <@jrand0m> the things at the far right are the last tasks -
nothing is after them
16:01 <@hezekiah> But I can
16:01 <@jrand0m> the tasks there are listed, in order, on the
16:01 <@hezekiah> can't even see what the tasks are.
16:02 <@hezekiah> OK. :) I'll just have to settle for text.
16:02 <@hezekiah> nop: Are we going to start soon? I'm going to have to
leave at 22:15 UTC, but I'd like to catch as much of the meeting as
16:02 <@jrand0m> let me see if I can make a big task to fix that...
16:02 <@hezekiah> jrand0m: Thanks. :)
16:03 <@nop> yes
16:03 <@nop> alright
16:03 <@nop> agenda
16:03 <@nop> 1)
16:03 <@nop> welcome
16:03 <@nop> 2)
16:03 <@nop> Website future
16:03 <@nop> 3)
16:03 <@nop> bug fixes with 1.1
16:03 <@nop> 4)
16:03 <@nop> I2P
16:03 <@nop> 5)
16:03 <@nop> Suggestions and comments
16:03 <@nop> welcome all
16:04 <@nop> moving to 2
16:04 <@nop> website
16:04 <@nop> cohesion, are your maintanance website skills up to par?
16:04 <@cohesion> aye
16:04 <@cohesion> XHTML and CSS are my specialties
16:04 <@nop> ok, we are assuming you can do website stuff, changes etc
16:04 <@nop> ok
16:04 <@cohesion> yep
16:05 <@cohesion> granted that i can get CVS to cooperate :)
16:05 <@nop> easy
16:05 <@nop> export CVS_RSH=ssh
16:05 <@nop> and don't use pserver
16:05 <@nop> use d:ext
16:05 <@cohesion> i'm using gruntspud to CVS interfacing
16:05 <@nop> ok
16:05 <@cohesion> it's part of my text editor
16:05 <@cohesion> it should work
16:05 <@cohesion> we can talk about that later though
16:05 <@cohesion> i'm trying it now
16:05 -!- thecrypto [thecrypto@anon.iip] has quit [Ping timeout]
16:05 <@nop> if you have issues let me know right away if you can, so I
can assist this because I have a bunch of tasks
16:06 <@nop> also
16:06 <@nop> we need to look at making an I2P section
16:06 <@nop> since it's going to be the next big project
16:06 <@nop> I'll talk to ellison to see if he's contribute a bit of his
web design skills to add to that for a template
16:06 <@hezekiah> Should I2P be a section of invisiblenet.net or
invisiblenet.net/iip? (I vote for the former.)
16:06 <@nop> and we can get that hashed out
16:06 <@cohesion> ok
16:06 <@nop> former as well
16:06 <@jrand0m> former
16:06 <@nop> it would be under projects
16:07 -!- thecrypto [~thecrypto@anon.iip] has joined #iip-dev
16:07 <@nop> iip is one project
16:07 <@nop> i2p is another
16:07 <@hezekiah> So, invisiblenet.net/i2p
16:07 <@nop> yes
16:07 <@hezekiah> Right. That's the way I see it too. :)
16:07 <@nop> anyone here good at making a logo?
16:07 <@nop> volunteers are welcome
16:07 <@nop> just submit to iip-dev list
16:07 <@nop> ok moving on
16:07 <@nop> bug fixes in 1.1
16:07 <@jrand0m> h/o
16:07 * hezekiah would like to point out that his skills at the GIMP are
to be avoided like WMD.
16:08 <@jrand0m> would it be possible to keep the i2p stuff off the web
until we're ready for beta?
16:08 <@cohesion> i suggest we use the wiki for collaborating on the i2p
16:08 <@nop> yes
16:08 <@cohesion> i can set up a restricted area
16:08 <@nop> that's possible
16:08 <@hezekiah> jrand0m: Are you thinking of a big smash announcement
on /. or something once we have it in good order?
16:08 <@nop> cohesion: I concur
16:08 <@jrand0m> yes hezekiah
16:08 <@jrand0m> word cohesion
16:09 <@nop> ok
16:09 <@nop> let's look at 1.1 for a sec
16:09 <@nop> hezekiah you made a discovery, that has not to do with
16:09 <@nop> or what?
16:10 <@hezekiah> The code is fine.
16:10 <@hezekiah> The problem is communication, not code.
16:10 <@hezekiah> The user has to move the mouse aroung _inside_ the
dialog box.
16:10 < mihi> the dialog lacks a progress bar to give feedback if the
user does it correctly
16:10 <@nop> yes that's true
16:10 <@hezekiah> He can move the mouse around _outside_ the dialog box
until he's blue in the face, but it won't gather entropy. (Which is what
these users are doing.)
16:10 <@nop> it does lack a dialog box
16:11 <@hezekiah> A progress bar would be a plus.
16:11 <@hezekiah> And should be somewhat easy to implement ... if I
could understand the tangle that UI code in IIP is.
16:11 <@cohesion> or even some feedback
16:11 <@hezekiah> Anyway, I posted my suggestions to the mailing list.
16:12 <@nop> it's in win32 api
16:12 <@nop> ;)
16:12 <@hezekiah> Either capture the mouse (I couldn't get M$ to
cooperate to do that), or make the dialog box message explain to the
user he needs to move the mouse around _inside_ the dialog box.
16:12 <@hezekiah> nop: I know.
16:12 <@nop> fine hezekiah be that way :)
16:12 <@hezekiah> What?
16:12 <@hezekiah> What did I do?
16:12 * hezekiah is confused
16:12 < thecrypto> how about just maximize the dialog box?
16:12 <@nop> hezekiah: I'm just messin' with ya
16:13 <@hezekiah> nop: OK. :)
16:13 <@hezekiah> Where's UserX? He knows more about the IIP UI code
than I do.
16:14 <@hezekiah> thecrypto: As for maximizing, well, the user might not
like a rabid dialog box consuming his entire screen.
16:14 <@hezekiah> Mouse capture is ideal, but as I said, I couldn't get
M$ to do it.
16:14 <@jrand0m> many other apps don't capture the mouse
16:14 <@jrand0m> a status bar plus explaination seems typical
16:15 <@hezekiah> Anyway, that's the 'bug'.
16:15 <@hezekiah> How do you want it fixed nop?
16:15 <@nop> well
16:15 <@nop> I would think if possible we could have a meter that shows
the entropy gathering for sure
16:16 <@hezekiah> OK.
16:16 <@nop> and definitely fixes the language. Have you exhausted the
research on capturing the mouse movements?
16:16 <@hezekiah> To the point of my patience.
16:16 <@hezekiah> Seriously, what I did _should_ work.
16:16 <@nop> I assume that's a lot?
16:16 <@hezekiah> Well, I didn't get much sleep last night.
16:17 <@nop> hmm
16:17 <@nop> let's try to get a meter bar and the language fixed
16:17 <@nop> that will give us an idea
16:17 <@hezekiah> Because it isn't working, I'm assuming the M$ docs are
lieing to me (very possible) or something 'unknown' is happening in the
IIP UI code.
16:17 <@nop> right
16:17 <@hezekiah> Righto. :)
16:17 * hezekiah now gets down on his knees and prays that UserX wrote
UI code for a progress bar.
16:19 <@nop> haha
16:19 <@nop> if not go to planet-source-code.com
16:19 <@nop> there's a lot of samples there
16:19 <@hezekiah> The win32 API I can manage (though I detest it.)
16:19 <@nop> I hate it as well
16:19 <@hezekiah> But UserX/whoever-originally-wrote-this made a wrapper
around it.
16:19 <@hezekiah> It's the wrapper I'm worried about.
16:19 * nop is coding in it right now for work
16:19 <@hezekiah> I'm looking into it now.
16:20 <@hezekiah> Let's move on to the next agenda item.
16:20 -!- jeremiah-gym is now known as jeremiah
16:20 <@nop> ok
16:20 <@nop> next item is i2p
16:20 < jeremiah> hi
16:20 <@nop> hi
16:20 <@nop> jrand0m you start
16:20 <@hezekiah> jeremiah: Just in time!
16:20 < jeremiah> hezekiah: nop and I are oddly time synced, as you'll
16:20 <@jrand0m> 'k, has everyone had a chance to check out the roadmap?
16:21 <@hezekiah> Yeah.
16:21 <@jrand0m> its obviously draft, and things after the 1.0 milestone
are largely up in the air, but its something to start from
16:21 <@jrand0m> I've updated it beyond whats on the list to include
hezekiah jumping on the C api (w00t!)
16:22 -!- jeet [~miteymous@anon.iip] has joined #iip-dev
16:22 <@jrand0m> basically, after this coming friday, we'll have the API
protocol spec'ed out, which will mean we can parallelize a lot
16:22 < jeet> hello ;)
16:22 <@jrand0m> 'lo jeet
16:23 < jeet> hey if i make a server is it possible to change anon.iip
to whatever i want
16:23 <@jrand0m> rough gut question: how insane does the r2 roadmap
sound? are schedules insane, are there things missing, are things in the
wrong order or dependencies not represented?
16:23 <@nop> yes
16:23 < jeet> kewl
16:24 <@hezekiah> jrand0m: I would concur the entire thing is insane.
However, I think (until I get to college) it should be doable.
16:24 <@jrand0m> heh
16:24 < jeet> this is a very cool thing you guys have done ;X
16:24 <@hezekiah> Though I'm not sure nop and UserX can design that IRC
protocol even in 21 days.
16:24 <@hezekiah> nop: ;-)
16:24 <@nop> no
16:24 <@jrand0m> ok, you're off to uni in late august? mid august? when
should we pencil you in for less activity?
16:24 <@hezekiah> Around August 20th I'm of.
16:24 <@hezekiah> off.
16:25 <@jrand0m> 'k
16:25 <@hezekiah> Until then I'm a rabid nermal! :)
16:25 < jeremiah> I'm off about the same time
16:25 < jeremiah> (to univ)
16:26 <@nop> ok
16:26 <@jrand0m> so we'll have to get more resources on the 'implement
IRC' task or just drop the task from the 1.0 release
16:26 <@hezekiah> I wouldn
16:26 <@hezekiah> wouldn't make the 1.0 release dependant on IRC.
16:26 <@nop> I believe that we will need to delay the task
16:26 < jeet> [17:23] -anon.iip- CTCP (except ACTION) and DCC are
disabled <- how can i stop this from poppiing up every 3 minutes?
16:26 <@hezekiah> Do the IRC, but let i2p 1.0 come out when it's ready.
16:27 < thecrypto> wow, i'm half way through college as two others just
start :)
16:27 <@jrand0m> lol
16:28 <@jrand0m> I concur hezekiah
16:28 <@hezekiah> Cool. I still think i2p will be it's own killer app.
16:28 <@jrand0m> so that basically means all I2P 1.0 requires after
august is a month of debugging and documentation to go from alpha to
beta to 1.0
16:29 <@jrand0m> hezekiah> definitely. we need to get a demo app out on
it first - does the instant messenger app + file transfer sound good to
people for that?
16:29 -!- jeet [~miteymous@anon.iip] has quit [ircN 7.27 + 7.0 for mIRC
(2002/01/10 00.00)]
16:29 <@hezekiah> Well, you said it best: 'demo'. From my view, it
doesn't need to be special. It just needs to prove the network is worth
developing on.
16:30 <@hezekiah> So the IM client would be a good demo, in my opinion.
16:30 < Zwolly> file transfer is one thing i really would like to see so
gimme a demo
16:30 <@hezekiah> Zwolly: lol
16:30 <@nop> yes
16:30 < Zwolly> and see me as an "normal" user
16:31 <@hezekiah> Zwolly: You can be our guniea pig! ;-)
16:31 * hezekiah starts mixing poisinous code in his lab. ;-)
16:31 < Zwolly> hmmm yummie
16:32 <@jrand0m> ok, one last thing on i2p
16:32 <@nop> sure
16:33 <@jrand0m> nop> any chance we can get a non sourceforge trusted
cvs server?
16:34 <@jrand0m> sourceforge has more problems than these college
student's exams
16:34 <@nop> yes
16:34 <@nop> I will arrange that and have it up by next week
16:34 <@jrand0m> awesome. thanks
16:34 <@nop> also
16:34 <@nop> I may be able to get a compile farm
16:34 <@nop> that is not sf
16:34 <@nop> with vpn access to it
16:35 <@hezekiah> Compile farm!?
16:35 <@jrand0m> compile farm? bah, we can just run ant :)
16:35 <@hezekiah> jrand0m: All code is not Java.
16:35 <@hezekiah> I personally love compile farms.
16:35 <@hezekiah> :)
16:35 <@jrand0m> ant == make. it can run gcc / etc
16:35 <@nop> hezekiah: send me a list of viable platforms we'll need to
test on
16:35 <@jrand0m> 'k, if we really need the cpu power of a compile farm,
thats great
16:36 < wilde> what license are you planning to use?
16:36 <@nop> GPL
16:36 <@jrand0m> GPL cool with everyone for this?
16:36 < wilde> k nice
16:36 <@hezekiah> I'm very pro GPL.
16:36 <@hezekiah> But one warning
16:36 <@hezekiah> For the API's we will probably need LGPL. Otherwise
all programs made for this network MUST be GPL
16:36 <@jrand0m> we may want to go LGPL down the line
16:37 <@jrand0m> yeah
16:37 <@jrand0m> we MUST not require all apps using I2P to be GPL'ed
16:37 <@hezekiah> So the router should be GPL, but the API's will
probably need to be LGPL at some time.
16:37 <@hezekiah> jrand0m: Then we'll need an LGPL API.
16:37 <@hezekiah> The only problem that poses is getting a good crypto
kit for C that is compatible with LGPL.
16:38 <@hezekiah> I don't think Cryptlib's Sleepycat license is.
16:38 <@hezekiah> I could email the author and ask for an exception or
something if I need to when the time comes.
16:38 <@jrand0m> hezekiah> not need, want. the API comm layer will be an
open spec, so anyone can write their own and not link to any of our
16:38 <@hezekiah> Right.
16:38 <@nop> right
16:38 <@hezekiah> So for now we can even make GPL API's if we need to.
16:39 <@hezekiah> OK, one question for jrand0m:
16:39 < jeremiah> but we should try to have non-viral ones asap
16:39 <@hezekiah> I agree.
16:39 < wilde> http://www.virtualunlimited.com/products/beecrypt/
16:40 < wilde> Bee Crypt is LGPL, i've used once
16:40 <@hezekiah> wilde: Beecrypt is far beneath what is required
16:40 <@nop> yes
16:40 <@nop> I don't think we should use a crypto lib like Beecrypt
16:40 <@jrand0m> word wilde
16:40 <@cohesion> hezekiah: there's tons of crypto code in
GnuPrivacyGuard that's all GPL'd
16:40 <@cohesion> you might check and see where it came from
16:40 <@hezekiah> cohesion: The problem is we'll need an LGPL C API that
uses Crypto.
16:41 <@hezekiah> I'll work it out when I get to it.
16:41 <@hezekiah> For now, I have two questions for jrand0m: (It's gone
up one!) :)
16:41 <@jrand0m> we have lots of options. we'll figure it out
16:41 <@jrand0m> heh fire away
16:42 <@hezekiah> 1.) When the client API spec is done on the 25th will
it detail the byte-by-byte structure of the messages sent over the
network, and will it detail the specifics on how the crypto is
16:42 -!- ion [ion@anon.iip] has joined #iip-dev
16:42 <@jrand0m> yes
16:42 <@hezekiah> 2.) Will be we using Twofish? ;-)
16:43 <@jrand0m> no, prolly aes, unless someone has a really good reason
16:43 <@hezekiah> jrand0m: Was that yes to both questions, or just
question 1?
16:43 -!- nemesis [nemesis@anon.iip] has joined #iip-dev
16:43 <@hezekiah> OK.
16:43 <@jrand0m> hezekiah> yes to both
16:43 <@nop> well
16:43 < nemesis> uuuh, since when there are here ops? :)
16:43 <@hezekiah> I really like twofish, but unfortunately AES is easier
to find a good lib for.
16:44 <@nop> hold
16:44 <@hezekiah> nemesis: The English structure of that sentence was
too garbled for me to decipher? Whould you like to restate your
16:44 <@jrand0m> whats special about twofish? why not go with the
advanced encryption Standard?
16:44 <@hezekiah> nop: Holding ... :)
16:44 * jrand0m holds
16:44 <@nop> I prefer that we have a suite of encryption options
16:44 <@nop> not just aes
16:44 <@nop> there are opinions about AES that some people do not feel
comfortable using
16:44 <@nop> and would rather go with Twofish etc
16:44 <@nop> so maybe we can have it be a selection
16:44 < wilde> do both :)
16:44 <@nop> yes
16:44 <@nop> wilde: exactly
16:45 <@jrand0m> nop> suites would mean not everyone can send messages
to everyone
16:45 < jeremiah> but then wouldn't each router have to support both?
that seems painful
16:45 <@jrand0m> doing both is definitely the case for transport layer,
where things can be negotiated
16:45 <@nop> not really
16:45 <@nop> I would not agree with AES then
16:45 <@nop> as if you are paranoid
16:45 <@hezekiah> Right. But let's try to too enclude things that are
weakening like 3DES.
16:45 <@hezekiah> A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.
16:45 <@nop> then you'll realize why
16:45 <@nop> with the US gov't approvals
16:46 <@jrand0m> I don't support AES because it has govt approval, I
support AES because it has cryptographers, scientists, and
mathematicians approvals.
16:46 <@jrand0m> if there is a better one, we can go with that.
16:46 <@jrand0m> but I don't want to go with something because its
16:46 <@nop> but the approval of twofish is strong as well amongst
16:46 <@hezekiah> Well, the last three AES candidates were Rijndael,
Twofish, and Serpent.
16:46 <@nop> exactly
16:47 <@hezekiah> Rijndael was the fastest.
16:47 <@hezekiah> Personally, I have more faith in Twofish than
16:47 <@jrand0m> nop I think I heard you say there were problems with
16:47 < wilde> use multiple layers of encryption if you have CPU for it
16:48 <@jrand0m> wilde> there will be, but thats on a different aspect
of things.
16:48 <@nop> all I'm saying is that we could have both supported
16:48 <@nop> doesn't hurt
16:48 <@jrand0m> actually it does hurt
16:48 <@jrand0m> segmentation attack
16:48 < wilde> ok twofish wrapped in AES could be overkill
16:48 <@nop> haha
16:48 <@nop> not twofish wrapped in AES
16:49 < jeremiah> should we standardize each transport as having one
specific set of characteristics (network setup, encryption)?
16:49 <@nop> alright for the sake of argument
16:49 <@nop> let's do rijndael for this part
16:49 < jeremiah> and then we could have one TCP transport supporting
AES, one with Twofish, but not one that has to juggle both?
16:49 <@jrand0m> jeremiah> yes, particular transports will have
particular characteristics, but we're covering the end to end message
crypto done in the api atm
16:49 <@nop> let's do end to end AES
16:49 < jeremiah> jrand0m: ah
16:49 <@nop> then node to node twofish option
16:50 <@nop> and if you can, do AES-counter mode
16:50 <@jrand0m> 'k, sounds good. we can always change later on before
release (during peer review, etc)
16:50 < wilde> but all crypto algorithms have failed in the past, using
double encryption would at least buy time in case of a crypto
16:50 < jeremiah> not really
16:50 <@jrand0m> wilde> the truly paranoid can encrypt with their own
system prior to sending messages over the I2P network
16:50 <@hezekiah> wilde: If one algorithm is found to be weak, we'll
replace it.
16:51 <@jrand0m> I2P will just transparently encrypt
16:51 < wilde> jrand0m: yes, you're right, there should be a limit to
16:52 <@nop> yes
16:52 <@nop> we could go on all day
16:52 <@nop> arguing about it
16:52 <@nop> AES end to end
16:52 <@jrand0m> ok, I don't have anything else on I2P stuff
16:52 <@nop> Twofish and others node to node
16:52 <@jrand0m> coo'
16:53 <@jrand0m> any other I2P stuff, or are we on the next agenda item?
16:54 <@hezekiah> I'm done. :)
16:54 < wilde> what about A2A, anonymous 2 anonymous?
16:54 <@hezekiah> I
16:55 <@hezekiah> I've never heard of that. What are you talking about,
16:55 <@jrand0m> I2P is anonymous to anonymous communication
16:55 <@jrand0m> I2P = "Invisible Internet Project"
16:55 < nemesis> jrand0m: can you send the roadmap as an attechment, and
not as inline?
16:55 <@jrand0m> (dont make us say I^2P)
16:55 <@nop> hushmail has an encrypted messenger
16:55 <@nop> neat
16:56 <@jrand0m> nemesis> hmm, I tried to - hushmail said it was
attached :/
16:56 <@hezekiah> nemesis: I got it as attached.
16:56 <@jrand0m> nemesis> you can d/l from
16:56 < nemesis> i'm sorry, i can't copy&amp;paste it
16:56 <@hezekiah> nemesis: Perhaps your mail reader is the problem? (He
sent it as a zip file.)
16:56 < nemesis> its inline
16:56 < nemesis> theres a zip file...
16:56 -!- UserX [~User@anon.iip] has joined #iip-dev
16:57 <@jrand0m> 'lo userx
16:57 < nemesis> -Hush_boundarfy-31fda3d62329b
16:57 <@nop> did anyone log this
16:57 < nemesis> Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64
16:57 <@hezekiah> cohesion was supposed to.
16:57 <@jrand0m> I log all IRC
16:57 <@cohesion> i have it all
16:57 < thecrypto> yes
16:57 <@jrand0m> word
16:58 < Zwolly> my ISP also logs all the IRC chatting so what is new
16:58 <@jrand0m> lol Zwolly
16:58 < Zwolly> hehe
16:59 <@hezekiah> Zwolly: Your ISP won't have logs of this. :)
16:59 < Zwolly> i hope not if so you guys do a louzy job
16:59 <@hezekiah> lol
17:00 <@hezekiah> So, I'm assuming we move on to the next agenda item
now since we've stopped talking about i2p for a while.
17:00 <@nop> yes
17:00 <@nop> comments
17:00 <@nop> suggestions
17:01 <@jrand0m> we, should, like, do some drugs, man
17:01 <@hezekiah> jrand0m: Sorry. I refuse to ruin a good mind with such
17:01 < wilde> question: isn't the release plan a bit optimistic=
17:01 < wilde> ?
17:02 <@hezekiah> wilde: lol. Well, my term would be 'insane'. But I
think it might be feasible.
17:02 <@jrand0m> wilde> good question. it should be plausible, and if
any devs on there want to adjust tasks they are working on, we will.
17:03 < thecrypto> we can do it!
17:04 <@jrand0m> go TEAM!
17:04 < wilde> aim high that's good, but it should be realistic
17:04 < wilde> do you guys have time enough for the actual programming?
17:04 * jrand0m quit his job to work on this, and a few people have
summer break coming up
17:05 < wilde> i mean september-october that's like 60-90 days
17:05 < wilde> ok that's sounds good
17:05 <@jrand0m> but don't believe us. we'll release when its ready.
17:05 <@hezekiah> jrand0m: BTW, since you quit your job, how are you
going to eat while you code this?
17:05 < jeremiah> wilde: we're going to be implementing lots of it in
high-level languages and then re-coding in C later
17:05 <@jrand0m> hezekiah> I eat code
17:05 <@hezekiah> I was afraid you'd say something like that.
17:06 <@jrand0m> ;)
17:06 <@hezekiah> I just hope you've got a good nest egg to live on.
17:06 < jeremiah> jrand0m: my code eats random numbers
17:06 < jeremiah> that might make a bad loop
17:06 <@hezekiah> ROTFL!
17:07 < wilde> drinking java, eating python, roasted ant, could go
17:07 <@jrand0m> but bugs have lots of protien
17:07 * jrand0m !thwaps self
17:07 <@jrand0m> ok, do we have other questions / comments /
17:07 <@hezekiah> Well, I've got to go now.
17:07 <@hezekiah> Bye everyone. :)
17:07 <@jrand0m> or are we actually finishing up in under an hour?
17:07 -!- hezekiah [hezekiah@anon.iip] has quit [Client exiting]
17:07 <@jrand0m> lol wilde
17:08 <@jrand0m> nop> got anything or we done?
17:10 -!- UserX [~User@anon.iip] has quit [Ping timeout]
17:10 -!- wilde [anon@anon.iip] has quit []
17:10 <@cohesion> ok, i'm ending the meeting
17:11 < nemesis> STOP!
17:11 <@cohesion> nop: i'll get with you about CVS tomarrow
17:11 * jrand0m stops
17:11 < nemesis> ganttproject-1.9.7.jar
17:11 <@cohesion> GO!
17:11 < nemesis> how it works?
17:11 <@nop> ok
17:11 <@nop> also
17:11 <@nop> aes
17:11 <@jrand0m> nemesis> just double click on it with java 1.4.2
17:11 <@nop> we should use 256 bit as a norm
17:11 < nemesis> i have java 1.4.2...
17:11 <@jrand0m> nemesis> I'll email out the xml with the project info
17:12 <@jrand0m> word nop, definitely
17:13 < nemesis> Could not find the main class. Program will exit!
17:13 < nemesis> hm.. i think my java are broken.... Title of the
Window: Java Virtual Machine Launcher...
17:14 <@jrand0m> weird nemesis, works for me... make sure its loading it
with the 1.4.2 jvm and not the windows jvm
17:14 <@jrand0m> ah, try running from the cmd.exe command line
17:14 < nemesis> eh?
17:14 < nemesis> k
17:14 < nemesis> then i write a .bat for it, like for columba :)
17:14 <@cohesion> ok, i'm closing the logs
17:14 <@jrand0m> (and type java -version first to make sure it uses the
right one)
17:14 <@jrand0m> heh word
17:14 <@cohesion> everyone say "cheese"
17:14 <@jrand0m> queso
17:14 < thecrypto> cheese
17:15 < Zwolly> chesse
17:15 < Zwolly> cheese
17:15 < nemesis> E:\Sytemprogramme\server\Projektverwaltung>java
17:15 < nemesis> Exception in thread "main"
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: ganttproject-1/9/7/ja
17:15 < nemesis> r
17:16 <@jrand0m> java -jar ganttproject-1.9.7.jar
17:16 < nemesis> java version "1.4.2-beta"
17:16 < nemesis> Java(TM) 2 Runtime Environment, Standard Edition (build
17:16 < nemesis> Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (build 1.4.2-beta-b19, mixed
17:16 < nemesis> hm... why with -jar?
17:16 < nemesis> now it works...
17:17 -!- ion [ion@anon.iip] has quit [Ping timeout]
17:17 < nemesis> thx jrand0m
17:17 <@jrand0m> without -jar asks it to load the class
17:17 <@jrand0m> np
17:17 < jeremiah> is cvs working?
17:17 < jeremiah> i checked out earlier today, but it's weird now
17:17 <@jrand0m> sourceforge is being a pain atm
--- Log closed Tue Jul 22 17:18:14 2003