I2P dev meeting, February 19, 2013 @ 20:00 UTC

Quick recap

  • Present:

    dg, hottuna, inscrutus, KillYourTV, lillith, Meeh, str4d

  • Next Meeting

    The next meeting is on hold until a more suitable time can be chosen.

Full IRC Log

20:25:01  <KillYourTV> Perhaps I'm in the minority but I think that if there are going to be meetings they *really* should start on time.
20:25:24  <inscrutus> Indeed
20:26:31  <KillYourTV> Not starting until 30-60 minutes after it _should have started_ looks bad, especially to outsiders that may be watching from the relayed networks.
20:27:21  <inscrutus> I don't remember who chaired last time.  Are we waiting for him?
20:28:11  <lillith> ^this
20:28:28  <lillith> inscrutus: dg is often late
20:32:22  <hottuna> KillYourTV, yeah. I agree
20:33:01  <lillith> we could just start without dg, if anyone wants to just go for it
20:36:27  <inscrutus> I believe ipv6 was one topic left over from last meeting...
20:50:56  <dg> It was.
20:51:07  <dg> Most of it can't be done without zzz though, or str4d
20:52:25  * dg apologizes for being late - been out of it
20:52:40  <dg> Topics were/are:
20:52:43  <dg> * Syndie documentation (lillith)
20:52:43  <dg> * Mailing list (meeh)
20:52:43  <dg> * Feeds (str4d)
20:52:43  <dg> * Thoughts (anyone)
20:52:54  <dg> Meeh, lillith?
20:53:03  <dg> if you guys aren't here.. shit.
21:18:01  <Meeh> dg: I'm here now, sorry
21:18:20  <dg> np, is lillith?
21:18:23  <dg> I'm sorry, not you ;)
21:18:27  <Meeh> dunno
21:18:49  <inscrutus> lillith was, about 45m ago
21:18:49  <lillith> i am
21:19:08  <inscrutus> I stand corrected
21:20:10  <dg> \o
21:20:22  <dg> Hi all, sorry for delay
21:20:42  <dg> lillith is going to be speaking about Syndie doumentation
21:21:35  <lillith> is this my cue or are we having a full schedule first?
21:21:49  <dg> I've given the full one ;)
21:21:52  <dg> maybe it was lost
21:21:59  <dg> <+dg> Topics were/are:
21:21:59  <dg> <+dg> * Syndie documentation (lillith)
21:21:59  <dg> <+dg> * Mailing list (meeh)
21:21:59  <dg> <+dg> * Feeds (str4d)
21:21:59  <dg> <+dg> * Thoughts (anyone)
21:21:59  <dg> <+dg> Meeh, lillith?
21:22:02  <dg> <+dg> if you guys aren't here.. shit.
21:22:21  <lillith> ahh okay :)
21:22:24  <inscrutus> I saw it via kytv relay only....
21:23:10  <lillith> right well since zzz and others have put so much work into syndie, i feel it is a shame that it is still so unused
21:24:01  <lillith> and since the gui is.. challenging for a begginer, i thought it may be a good idea to write/update the docs
21:24:47  <lillith> so now myself, KillYourTV, and aargh are working on a wiki
21:25:17  <lillith> hosted at *i don't have the b32 handy*
21:25:19  <dg> Wiki for exclusively Sundie?
21:25:23  <dg> s/Sundie/Syndie
21:25:54  <lillith> since it is a wiki i/we would appreciate if everyone could have a look and fix it if needed
21:26:01  <lillith> yes
21:26:16  <Meeh> I'm trying to make a map over the syndie archives at http://wiki.meeh.i2p/doku.php?id=syndie:known_archives
21:26:24  <iRelay> Title: syndie:known_archives [wiki.meeh.i2p] (at wiki.meeh.i2p)
21:26:43  <lillith> so, please do have a play on syndie and report back on f you feel the beginners guide is suitable for a short intro
21:26:50  <dg> A column for default or not may be useful
21:27:25  <dg> alright :)
21:27:44  <lillith> the current documentation is ufinished, so anthing we do is an improvement
21:28:27  <lillith> also KillYourTV: i assume the plan is to export the wiki into the official website at some point, is that correct and if so who do i need to speak to?
21:30:10  <lillith> Meeh: a column for filtering/blocking policy might be useful too
21:30:25  <Meeh> ok, but I don't know what to fill in there
21:31:03  <dg> ask around I suppose
21:31:26  <Meeh> gonna do it
21:31:53  <dg> thanks for giving Syndie some love lillith
21:32:01  <lillith> i'l tell you mine later, not here now :)
21:32:31  <inscrutus> lillith: is this the wiki b32? http://fomjl7cori4juycw55kdlczpgzzhme6nox6zykokuiov6t5lxhvq.b32.i2p/user_guide/
21:32:34  <iRelay> Title: Syndie Handbook (at fomjl7cori4juycw55kdlczpgzzhme6nox6zykokuiov6t5lxhvq.b32.i2p)
21:33:02  <lillith> dg: it's actually pretty good, even if it is buggy.
21:33:23  <lillith> inscrutus: it is :) thanks
21:33:54  <KillYourTV> lillith: yes, once finished all documentation will ultimately end up on the 'official' syndie site   (for now http://www.syndie.i2p/wiki/ will redirect to the wiki page)
21:33:57  <iRelay> Title: Syndie Documentation Project (at www.syndie.i2p)
21:35:14  <inscrutus> Ok, what's next, dg?
21:35:17  <lillith> so unless anyone else has anything to say on this, i can *baf* this topic :)
21:35:20  <dg> Meeh
21:35:31  <dg> (with mailing list)
21:35:43  <dg> lillith: thx :) - I'm enjoying reading the introduction
21:36:02  <dg> Meeh: Want to take the floor?
21:36:41  <Meeh> IIRC I'm waiting for weltende because I needed access to the router console for creating tunnels for making mailing list available inside i2p
21:37:42  <Meeh> and, we need to start to use it
21:38:36  <inscrutus> Is it a -dev mailinglist?  Or just general i2p?
21:38:39  <dg> zzz and user said they were going to hold off until an inner-i2p presence appeared
21:38:42  <Meeh> both
21:38:56  <inscrutus> ok
21:39:04  <Meeh> ok
21:39:25  <Meeh> weltende: any chance for creating tunnels for the mailing list?
21:39:25  <Meeh> soon
21:41:01  <lillith> Meeh: what is the intention for the mailing list? as in compared to zzz.i2p or irc or syndie
21:41:37  <str4d2> apologies for absence - internet fail
21:42:00  <dg> str4d :)
21:42:11  <Meeh> personaly, I'm unsure.. But it seemed liked we came to the conclution that we should start with the mailing list stuff again, as other open source projects do...
21:42:33  <Meeh> don't remember which meeting it was
21:43:08  <inscrutus> Maybe it would be a good idea to mirror the mailing list to Syndie or vice versa.  To avoid fragmentation
21:43:23  <str4d2> I'm unavailable in about 15 mins, btw
21:44:10  <Meeh> I like your idea inscrutus
21:44:41  <str4d2> (and can't make this meeting time in future)
21:45:11  <str4d2> that's a nice ideqla
21:45:14  <str4d2> idea*
21:45:53  <dg> It was suggested in the past, I believe it was going to be a part of Syndie anyhow.
21:46:04  <dg> Meeh: Anything more?
21:46:15  * lillith- really needs to remember to plug my laptop in.... reading scrollback on sighup...
21:47:11  <Meeh> no not really, I need to talk with weltende first
21:47:22  <lillith-> inscrutus: that was my next suggestion :)
21:47:41  <dg> Alright.
21:47:44  <inscrutus> :)
21:47:51  <lillith-> i think we could be 'dog-fooding' a little more
21:48:18  <dg> lillith-: ?
21:48:40  <lillith-> about the mailing list/syndie mirrorring
21:48:55  <dg> I'm not familiar with that expression
21:49:47  <lillith-> ahh the dog food principle of open source projects is, basically, use your own software
21:49:50  <inscrutus> it means to use your own product(s).  It comes from a dogfood maker whose ceo i believe ate his company's own dogfood to prove it's good
21:50:01  <dg> oh.. to eat our own dog food
21:50:04  <dg> I agree
21:50:15  <lillith-> if we expect others to use it, we should too
21:50:35  <str4d2> Mmm
21:51:01  <str4d2> My problem with Syndie is that I have NFI how to use it
21:51:12  <dg> I need to check it out again
21:51:12  <dg> Anyhow..
21:51:12  <dg> str4d2: You ok to do feeds now? After $next_thing, perhaps a new meeting time should be discussed. Not everyone is here though..
21:51:15  <str4d2> The interface is not very intuitive.
21:51:18  <lillith-> str4d2: have you looked at the docs?
21:51:57  <str4d2> Somewhat, but we shouldnt expect users to all do that
21:52:00  <lillith-> dg: surely that is the reason we need a new time...
21:52:30  <dg> kind of. zzz and others are missing due to IRL issues too though - which makes it harder to agree on a new time which works for everyone.
21:53:01  <str4d2> and I'm busynow, sorry
21:53:01  <lillith-> dg: we could have a new temporary time and revisit it in a few weeks.
21:53:38  <lillith-> tues 8.00 isn't great for dg, str4d2, or me
21:55:51  <dg> it doesn't :-/
22:03:14  <lillith-> has everyone gone to sleep or is that the end of the meeting?
22:03:29  <dg> Apparently sleep..
22:03:36  <dg> We'll open a thread on zzz.i2p about it?
22:03:39  * lillith- picks up the baffer menacingly
22:03:42  <inscrutus> I'm here, just don't have anything to add to meeting times
22:03:49  <dg> It's just us three.
22:05:25  * dg *bafs the meeting closed
22:05:28  <lillith-> okay well if no-one has anything to add then i'l do the honours
22:05:51  * lillith- *bafs* the meeting
22:06:10  <lillith-> damn you got there first ;)