• 0.9.7 Release

    0.9.7 includes significant bug fixes and improvements.

    Skriven 2013-07-15 av I2P devs
  • 0.9.6 Release

    0.9.6 includes bug fixes and an update from Jetty 6.1.26 (2010-11-10) to Jetty 7.6.10 (2013-03-12). See below for important information on the Jetty update. The Jetty 7 series is actively maintained and we plan to stay current with it in future I2P releases.

    Skriven 2013-05-28 av I2P devs
  • 0.9.5 Release

    0.9.5 includes bug fixes and defenses for some issues and vulnerabilities that are being investigated by researchers at UCSB. We continue to work with them on additional improvements. This is a good opportunity to remind the community that while our network continues to grow rapidly, it is still relatively small. There may be multiple weaknesses or bugs that could compromise your anonymity. Help us grow the network by spreading the word and contributing where you can.

    Skriven 2013-03-08 av I2P devs
  • 0.9.4 Release

    0.9.4 inkluderar en korrigering för en nätverks-kapacitets-fel introducerad i 0.9.2, som reducerade nätverksprestanda och tillförlitlighet. Stora ändringar i det interna uppdateringssystemet och lägger till stöd för att uppdatera via interna torrenter.

    Skriven 2012-12-17 av I2P devs
  • 0.9.3 Release

    0.9.3 inkluderar utförliga låg-nivå förändringar vid köandet av meddelanden i routern.

    Skriven 2012-10-27 av I2P devs
  • 0.9.2 Release

    0.9.2 inkluderar utförliga låg-nivå-förändringar för att förbättre prestandan och effektiviteten hos routern. Vi har uppdaterat vårat UPnP-bibliotek, för att förhoppningsvis få UPnP att fungera för fler personer. I2PSnark har nu DHT-stöd, men det är inte påslaget som standard, då vi planerar att utföra fler tester under den komman utvecklingscukeln för 0.9.3.

    Skriven 2012-09-21 av I2P devs
  • 0.9.1 Release

    0.9.1 includes a large number of bug fixes in i2psnark, some streaming lib improvements, home page changes, new themes, and translation updates.

    Skriven 2012-07-30 av I2P devs
  • 0.9 Release

    The 0.9 release concludes over a year and a half of work on the 0.8.x series, in which we greatly improved the performance and security of the router, and the scalability of the network.

    Skriven 2012-05-02 av I2P devs
  • 0.8.13 Release

    The 0.8.13 release contains several bug fixes and a couple of new features. We are pleased that the last release significantly improved performance, and the network is running well despite continued rapid growth.

    Skriven 2012-02-27 av I2P devs
  • 0.8.12 Release

    The 0.8.12 release fixes several message corruption bugs, some present since 2005. It also contains a redesign of the router's congestion control, and continued optimization of CPU and memory usage. We are hopeful that these changes will improve network performance.

    Skriven 2012-01-06 av I2P devs