• Размещено: 2019-08-30
  • Автор: sadie
  • Опубликовано в conferences

This was my first time attending IFF, and what a great experience for I2P this was! I met with human rights defenders, people who work on censorship metrics, and of course UX and security professionals.

My goal was to connect with people to further support I2P’s UX overhaul, keeping in mind security and UX considerations for frontline workers. As it was pointed out to me, people see I2P as a very important and powerful resource to circumvent censorship and support safe communication, however the interface suffers from some usability concerns. People were happy with our initial steps to make first time users have a better experience, such as our set up wizard and bandwidth detection tool. I also received positive reviews on our changes to the website and /home icons. It was very encouraging to hear directly from the community that small changes we have made are in the right direction.

Things like having configuration happen out of the box and not having to put people in the position where they need to rely on reading so much documentation or chasing documentation were discussed. Also, improved documentation for setting up outproxies and and site mirroring were requested and suggested. Please see Mikal’s very good instructions on setting up an I2P outproxy that came out of the suggestions this week — https://0xcc.re/howto-setup-an-i2p-outproxy/. Another suggestion was to make bug reporting easier.

To this point, I truly hope that the project will secure resources to continue the improvements to its usability that it requires to meet the growing demand for I2P services. It is humbling to to be working with such talented people and to be able to work together with our community during a time when people all over the globe need all of the privacy protecting resources we as people who develop, design and educate can offer.

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