I2P dev meeting, DATE

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dm, jrand0m, mihi,

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[23:04] <jrand0m> 0.0) welcome 
[23:04] <jrand0m> 1.0) dev status 
[23:04] <jrand0m> 2.0) new server 
[23:04] <jrand0m> 3.0) questions? 
[23:04] <jrand0m> 0.0) welcome to the 61st iip meeting 
[23:04] <jrand0m> hi. 
[23:04] <mihi> hi all
[23:04] <dm> hi you two ;)
[23:04] <jrand0m> ok, 1.0) dev status 
[23:05] <jrand0m> we're pretty much ready for 0.2 - which is where people would be able to run i2p.   
[23:06] <dm> great!
[23:06] <dm> ETA?
[23:06] <jrand0m> it won't scale, and it is currently implemented with the insanely secure style of the ElG+AES (rather than the optimized w/ session tags) 
[23:06] <jrand0m> eta: a few days (related point: agenda item 2.0) 
[23:07] <jrand0m> but it will be functional.  I'm able to send messages of 10 bytes as well as 100K in ~10s 
[23:07] <jrand0m> (both on the same CPU, so its cpu contention) 
[23:07] <jrand0m> still some tunnel failback I'm working through, then its time to build the ant scripts, etc 
[23:07] <jrand0m> actually 
[23:08] <jrand0m> a few seconds ago I built everything using Kaffe 1.1.1 on freebsd with not even a warning. 
[23:08] * jrand0m <3 not having to make changes to code
[23:08] <mihi> but it wasn't working either, was it? ;)
[23:08] <jrand0m> heh 
[23:09] <jrand0m> no, it works 
[23:09] <jrand0m> the prob I'm working through is a failover (aka if one is shut down and starts back up, comm recovers cleanly) 
[23:10] <mihi> have you tried to send a complete ASCII table (bytes 0x00 to 0xFF)? And does it appear as it should on the other end?
[23:10] <jrand0m> not yet, havent tried i2ptunnel yet either.  but shall tonight 
[23:10] <mihi> try i2ptunnel with a binary connection (like ssh), no text based one.
[23:11] <jrand0m> 'k 
[23:11] <mihi> what if a node shuts down and does not come up again?
[23:11] <jrand0m> then communication with it will fail ;) 
[23:12] <jrand0m> (guaranteed delivery now fails correctly and the SDK has been patched to act on that) 
[23:13] <jrand0m> ok, thats it for status atm.  I've been pulled in other directions for the last two days, but that should be quieting down shortly. 
[23:13] <jrand0m> 2.0) new server 
[23:13] <jrand0m> we have a new server on a triple homed T3.   
[23:14] <jrand0m> its going to host webcvs, a default i2p router, a webserver with seed router references, and a few default services (e.g. an i2p tunnel pointing at a squid instance, an i2ptunnel pointing at cvs, an i2ptunnel pointing at a webserver) 
[23:15] *** Signoff: mihi (EOF From client)
[23:15] *** mihi_ (~mihi@anon.iip) has joined channel #iip-dev
[23:15] <jrand0m> i'll also be tossing on a public isproxy later 
[23:15] <dm> damn, how much is that costing you?
[23:15] <jrand0m> 65/mo 
[23:15] <jrand0m> 40Gb transfer, 2Gb data 
[23:15] <dm> bandwidth limit?
[23:15] <dm> cool.
[23:16] *** mihi_ is now known as mihi
[23:16] <jrand0m> perhaps that server will become our cvs, but no need to switch right now.   
[23:16] <jrand0m> ok, 3.0) questions 
[23:17] <jrand0m> [yes, this has been the fastest meeting I've ever seen ;)] 
[23:17] <mihi_backup> do you know anything about naming service progress?
[23:17] <jrand0m> I hear wiht has committed a few files, but I haven't checked them out yet 
[23:17] <dm> I'd like to offer my (mental) support to all the developers. Stay humble yet determined.
[23:18] <mihi_backup> they are only dummies afaik.
[23:18] <jrand0m> clueless wankers, for sure. 
[23:18] <mihi_backup> interfaces to implement against.
[23:18] <dm> dummies?
[23:18] <jrand0m> lol 
[23:19] <dm> ah
[23:19] * jrand0m extends MyParents
[23:19] <mihi_backup> java does not allow multiple inheritance ;)
[23:19] <dm> no bastards...
[23:20] * jrand0m implements MyDad, MyMom // just seems wrong
[23:20] <mihi_backup> although you do not extend either your mother nor your father (see the liskov (sp?) substitution principle)
[23:20] * dm implements jrandom'sMom
[23:20] <dm> ;)
[23:20] <jrand0m> oh, good point mihi 
[23:20] * dm now implements mihi'smother
[23:20] <jrand0m> heh 
[23:21] *** Signoff: mihi (Ping timeout)
[23:21] <mihi_backup> you just need a constructor public Human(Human father, Human mother) throws SameSexException
[23:22] <dm> nice one
[23:22] <jrand0m> I think modern science requires a few more constructors 
[23:22] <dm> although it's not public
[23:22] <dm> it's pubic
[23:22] *** mihi (mihi@anon.iip) has joined channel #iip-dev
[23:22] <dm> I crack myself up.
[23:23] <jrand0m> ok, on that note 
[23:23] <jrand0m> I think we've just gotten away with a 23 minute meeting :) 
[23:23] * jrand0m slips the *baf*er out of my back pocket and *baf*s the meeting closed