I2P dev meeting, April 5, 2005

Quick recap

  • Present:

ant, duck, frosk, jrandom, jrandom2p, protokol, Teal`c__, zzz,

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14:34 <@jrandom> 0) hi
14:34 <@jrandom> 1)
14:34 <@jrandom> 2) Bayesian peer profiling
14:34 <@jrandom> 3) Q
14:34 <@jrandom> 4) ???
14:35 <@jrandom> 0) hi
14:35  * jrandom waves
14:35  * smeghead outsources his todo list to a parallel universe
14:35 <@jrandom> weekly status notes posted up @ http://dev.i2p.net/pipermail/i2p/2005-April/000675.html
14:36 <@jrandom> might as well jump on in to 1)
14:36 <+ant> * Connelly waves
14:37 <+protokol> high everyone
14:37 <@jrandom> as mentioned in the status notes (and the current history.txt), we've tracked down some very long lasting netDb bugs
14:37 <@jrandom> in the past, we've been able to fudge it, but forced us to start doing things "right", which is why its been biting us now
14:39 <@jrandom> i expect we'll have a new release sometime tomorrow, so keep an eye out for the update link on your router console :)
14:39 <+protokol> yey
14:39 <@jrandom> actually, thats about all i have on that at the moment - anyone else have anything to add wrt
14:40 <+protokol> nope
14:41 <@jrandom> ok, moving on to 2) Bayesian peer profiling
14:41 <@jrandom> ah, damn, bla dropped off the channel a few mins back
14:42 <@jrandom> well, anyway, I just wanted to point people out at bla's work exploring some more robust profiling techniques
14:42 <+protokol> postponing 2?
14:43 <@jrandom> check out the forum post and the link to theland.i2p for more info, and bounce bla your thoughts :)
14:44 <@jrandom> ok, movin' on to 3) Q
14:44 <@jrandom> aum: you up?
14:44 <@jrandom> hmm, doesnt look like it
14:45 <@jrandom> ok, lots of progress on the Q front, more details for getting involved in alpha testing up @ http://aum.i2p/q/ 
14:45 <@jrandom> i'm sure we'll hear more on the list when there's an update available
14:46 <+ant> <Connelly> Q works for me for retrieving content
14:46 <@jrandom> yeah, its been working great for me as well, a few bumps here and there, but quite promising
14:47 <+ant> <Connelly> my Q server stored 2 small items, then got stuck at 100% cpu usage until i killed it
14:47 < zzz> for those who haven't seen it check out my q front end http://flock.i2p/cgi-bin/q
14:47 <@jrandom> zzz: that is quite kickass
14:48  * jrandom forgot the url to that when writing up the status notes (d'oh)
14:50 <@jrandom> ok, anything else on 3) Q?  or shall we move on to 4) ???
14:50  * jrandom considers us moved
14:51 <@jrandom> anyone have anything else they'd like to bring up for the meeting?
14:51 <+ant> <Connelly> i've coding an http/html filter for i2p
14:51 <+protokol> yes
14:51 <+protokol> ian clarke is a troll on slashdot
14:51 <+ant> <Connelly> been coding
14:51 <+ant> <Connelly> should be more safe than freenet's html filterer
14:51 <+ant> <Connelly> if i run out of time i'll just incorporate freenet's filterer
14:51 <@jrandom> cool Connelly, how is it coming along?
14:52 <@jrandom> protokol: and you're a troll in #i2p ;)
14:52 <+ant> <Connelly> so in the end we should have an html filterer for i2p
14:52 <+ant> <Connelly> got html filtering done, now working on css, still haven't looked at header filtering
14:53 <+ant> <Connelly> it's very paranoid :)
14:53 <@jrandom> bitchin
14:53 <+protokol> whitelist?
14:53 <@duck> does it let anything trough at all?
14:53 <+ant> <Connelly> yeah
14:53 <+protokol> if so, what is currently disallowed
14:53 <+protokol> (of any importance)
14:55 <+ant> <Connelly> disallowed of significance: frames and iframes, scripting, optgroup
14:55 <+ant> <Connelly> meta
14:55 <+ant> <Connelly> embedded objects
14:56 <@jrandom> neat.  i'm looking forward to seeing how things progress - any eta on when we could try rigging it up with the eepproxy?
14:56 <+ant> <Connelly> i'll probably have an alpha in 1-2 weeks
14:57 <+ant> <Connelly> so we can test out how it works
14:57 < jrandom2p> kickass
14:58 <+ant> <Connelly> it allows forms, cookies, content caching but those can be turned off in 'paranoid' mode
14:58 <+protokol> why frames and iframes? can you just not block connections to non-i2p sites from them?
14:59 <+ant> <Connelly> it has a cgiproxy like url navigator bar at the top
14:59 <+ant> <BS314159> I suspect the hard thing would be blocking frames between different eepsites
14:59 <+ant> <Connelly> i don't want that hijacked
14:59 <+protokol> i mean can you just block connections
14:59 <+ant> <Connelly> could make it like freenet's proxy where you just enter a url at the beginning
14:59 <+protokol> yeah, frames can rock
14:59 <+ant> <Connelly> and can't enter urls once you start browsing
14:59 < jrandom2p> frames kill kittens
15:00 <+ant> <BS314159> this has to be the oldest framewar ever.  excuse me, flamewar
15:00 < jrandom2p> heh
15:00 <+protokol> i said "can" rock
15:00 <+ant> <BS314159> what we need is our own browser
15:00 <@jrandom> and flying ponies
15:01 <@jrandom> *cough*
15:01 <+ant> <Connelly> i'd prefer an F-16 to a pony
15:01 < Teal`c__> can i have a girl ?
15:01 <+ant> <Connelly> i'll make an option for enabling frames
15:01 <+protokol> Teal`c__: no
15:02 <+ant> <BS314159> Is there a functioning I2P inproxy? bolas.mine.nu appears to be dead.
15:02 <+protokol> from other eepsites, right?
15:02 <@jrandom> BS314159: http://i2p.mine.nu/
15:02 <+protokol> i2p.mine.nu
15:02 < frosk> i2p.mine.nu
15:02 <+ant> <BS314159> thanks
15:02 <+ant> <BS314159> frames are safe if they're inside one eepsite.  frames are safe if all content is static
15:03 <+ant> <BS314159> the only danger is if there's a form in one of the frames, since you might submit information to the wrong party
15:04 <@jrandom> eh, i'm of the opinion the filter should only support what we *need* (and know is safe), and let actual end user demands expand functionality, rather than preemptively assume people will want some things
15:04 <+ant> <BS314159> wise
15:06 <@jrandom> ok, anyone else have anything for the meeting?
15:06 < Teal`c__> sorry didn't know a meeting was on
15:07 <@jrandom> heh no worry, you'll be immortalized in the meeting logs ;)
15:07 <@jrandom> speaking of which
15:07  * jrandom winds up
15:07  * jrandom *baf*s the meeting closed