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Greetings! This is the first in a long series of blogs to help the community see what is happening in the I2P community. Since many awesome events are happening inside the network, we think it will be worthwhile to talk about some of activities here.

A Call for Feedback

Let's face it -- our console needs improvement. Our site could use an update as well. We are looking for feedback on how to improve the usability of I2P for new and existing users!

Any and all feedback is welcome. Please contact @GetI2P, @str4d, or @YrB1rd. If you don't feel comfortable using Twitter, we are always available via the in-network IRC channel. You don't have to be a long time user. We want to hear from all sorts of people!

Developer Meeting Synopsis

On 03 November there was an I2P developer meeting (log). This meeting focused on adding new links to the router console, preparation for CCC, finding a replacement for forum.i2p, and website improvements.

The consensus was to not add dogecoindark.i2p. There are concerns about usability due to many images being included on the page. Exchanged.i2p is conditionally added, as long as the maintainer adds a disclaimer on the site. I2Pwiki.i2p (a backup of ugha.i2p, an older wiki) was accepted, as was lenta.i2p (a russian news site).

str4d proposed blocking off the *.i2p.i2p namespace so they can be used for developer's services. He also suggested a more formalized technical proposal system, with more prominence on the main website.

The I2P Team is going to be in Hamburg, Germany for the 32nd Chaos Computer Congress. More details are to come on this, but we can promise there will be stickers.

General Announcements

Thank you to TorontoCrypto for hosting the newest I2P reseed server!

Translation deadline Thursday, 12 November, translators please update. All translations are done via Transifex .

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