• Publié : 2016-01-27
  • Auteur : zzz
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0.9.24 contient une nouvelle version de SAM (v3.2), de nombreux correctifs de bogues et des améliorations de l’efficacité. Noter que cette version est la première à exiger Java 7. Veuillez mettre votre Java à jour dès que possible vers Java 7 ou 8. Votre routeur ne se mettra pas automatiquement à jour si vous utilisez Java 6.

To prevent the problems caused by the ancient commons-logging library, we have removed it. This will cause very old I2P-Bote plugins (0.2.10 and below, signed by HungryHobo) to crash if they have IMAP enabled. The recommended fix is to replace your old I2P-Bote plugin with the current one signed by str4d. For more details, see this post.

We had a great 32C3 Congress and are making good progress on our 2016 project plans. Echelon gave a talk on I2P's history and current status, and his slides are available here (pdf). Str4d attended Real World Crypto and gave a talk on our crypto migration, his slides are here (pdf).

Comme d’habitude, nous recommandons que vous mettiez à jour vers cette version. La meilleure façon de maintenir la sécurité et d’aider le réseau est d’exécuter la dernière version



  • Java 7 now required
  • SAM 3.2, with several new advanced features, command parser improvements, and lots of bug fixes
  • Famille de routeurs
  • Commons logging removed

Correctifs de bogues

  • Fix HTML escaping in the console plugin table
  • Fix rare deadlocks in the router
  • Fix the tunnel build Bloom filter
  • Don't remove tunnel on next-hop failure indication from transport, it isn't reliable
  • Fix formatting in summary bar to prevent overflow
  • Correctif — liens de la console dans la page d’erreurs d’I2PTunnel si sur un hôte, port non standard
  • Don't query floodfills whose version is too old to support encrypted replies
  • Reduce out-of-order delivery in SSU
  • Fix a rare NPE in the tunnel build handler


  • Listen for Windows Service shutdown events to shutdown cleanly
  • Fix some IPv6 issues on Windows
  • Change Jetty request logging from b64 to b32
  • New 'family' indication in netdb, don't use two of the same family in a tunnel
  • New overview picture in SusiDNS
  • Close connection faster if it's for a rejected tunnel request
  • Use SSU extended options field for session request message
  • Request introduction in the SSU extended options
  • Don't offer to introduce unless requested, to introduce only those that need it
  • Outil expérimental d’analyse d’attaques Sybil, exige routerconsole.advanced=true
  • Rendre persistantes des statistiques netdb de profils qui n’étaient pas enregistrées
  • Memory reduction and other efficiency improvements throughout
  • Increase several limits in i2psnark
  • New streaming unit tests
  • Fix some SSU stats on /peers to be consistent with NTCP
  • Change default sig type for new i2ptunnels to Ed25519
  • Increase router rekey probability at startup again
  • New Chinese (Taiwan) translation
  • Mises à jour de traduction
  • Mise à jour des données GeoIP (nouvelles installations et PPA seulement)

Full list of fixed bugs

Sommes de contrôle SHA256 :

40a9d162b218c3280170b5e6e5e0f459a2c5348c9488222955be5312144eade9  i2pinstall_0.9.24_windows.exe
f5a06c4ed7e3c22048eef18901b85baa1f9bed3e507c212700723701036e2bb3  i2pinstall_0.9.24.jar
134481ae5ef934a411545330d1b22e768189c424a65db47058db0f7d9cf51e7d  i2psource_0.9.24.tar.bz2
b8ee5d9c88924f631ae03ffcbed4ac0b06542e51cdd144e20dbaad69a8fdcef4  i2pupdate_0.9.24.zip
6a3ddb8cb8d24a3b69d1138244c817852d0aa69a1603a3ed05f8368f01497394  i2pupdate.su3

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