I2P dev meeting, July 14, 2014 @ 20:00 UTC

Quick recap

  • Present:

eche|on, Meeh, psi, zzz,

تمام وقایع IRC

20:00:11  <zzz> 0. Hi
20:00:11  <zzz> 1. Select new PR Manager (zzz)
20:00:19  <zzz> 2. Replace mtn.i2p2.i2p in default i2ptunnel.config (zzz)
20:00:23  <zzz> 0. Hi
20:00:29  <zzz> Hi
20:00:49  <zzz> 1. Select new PR Manager (zzz)
20:00:50  <zzz> 1) PR Manager. orion has resigned. I nominate psi and Meeh as excellent candidates. Others may throw their name in for consideration below, or at the meeting. You may also wish to volunteer as an assistant. Duties include:
20:00:50  <zzz> - Frequent tweeting using @geti2p
20:00:50  <zzz> - send stickers to people who ask
20:00:50  <zzz> - Speak at conferences and meetups
20:00:50  <zzz> - Answer the press@i2pmail.org mail (generate and distribute a new GPG key for it)
20:00:52  <zzz> - Outreach, make contact with people/groups we want to work with; form strategic alliances
20:00:55  <zzz> - Misc. promotion, support, and communications duties
20:00:56  <zzz> - Maintain positive attitude
20:00:56  <Meeh> Hi
20:01:11  <psi> ?
20:01:13  <psi> hi
20:01:38  <zzz> Is either psi or Meeh willing to serve? Are there any other volunteers or nominations?
20:01:50  <psi> I am willing to serve if desired
20:02:24  <eche|on> available here but not for that job, sorry
20:02:27  <psi> I can also obtain orion's stickers
20:03:23  <zzz> Meeh are you willing to serve or would you rather throw your support to psi?
20:04:49  <zzz> anybody else have any comments?
20:04:59  <Meeh> I can do both, what I mean is I can both serve, and I will ofc. support psi if he's doing it
20:05:45  <psi> pr "team" then?
20:06:12  <Meeh> why not, I can't go to the US so I need anyone there anyway
20:06:21  <psi> works
20:06:27  <zzz> My guess is that psi might have more time than Meeh for this?
20:06:57  <psi> yeah i have buttloads of free time right now and probably for a while
20:07:24  <Meeh> but no problems covering EU/Asia/Africa
20:07:34  <Meeh> Yes in some points I think too
20:07:44  <zzz> Meeh has never had buttloads of time since I've known him
20:08:00  <Meeh> however, I think I can contribute a lot wrt tweeting, speak at conferences, and some outreaching
20:08:17  <zzz> how about psi as head and Meeh as assistant?
20:08:26  <psi> i dont do public speaking so i can outsource that to Meeh
20:08:36  <psi> sounds good
20:08:44  <Meeh> sounds good to me too
20:08:47  <Meeh> I can do the public
20:08:58  <zzz> any objections or other comments?
20:09:44  <zzz> ok great
20:10:28  <zzz> I'll get psi the twitter password. Please get the stickers from orion.
20:10:44  <psi> got it
20:11:19  <zzz> Also please generate and distribute a GPG key for press@, and get welterde to fix up the mailing list accordingly
20:11:27  <zzz> speaking of welt...
20:11:33  <eche|on> ....
20:11:36  <zzz> 2. Replace mtn.i2p2.i2p in default i2ptunnel.config (zzz) (Down since June 12 - possible replacements mtn.killyourtv.i2p or mtn.i2p-projekt.i2p)
20:11:52  * psi nominates kytv's
20:12:05  <zzz> eche|on, kytv_ would either of you care to volunteer?
20:12:15  <zzz> we can't put both in one tunnel as that confuses mtn
20:12:56  <zzz> any others that have been up and running for a while?
20:13:01  <eche|on> you can enter mine, I try to keep it up running as always
20:14:24  <zzz> ok, echelon it is I guess
20:14:37  <eche|on> kytv does a lot of jobs already
20:15:07  <zzz> both of them seem very reliable, so doesn't matter much
20:15:27  <Meeh> mtn.meeh.i2p hs ben running for a year now
20:15:29  <zzz> it's not any more work, maybe just a tiny bit more traffic, probably not even noticeable
20:16:25  <eche|on> can we create 3 tunnels and enable only one?
20:17:55  <zzz> nice meeh, good to know
20:17:55  <zzz> anything else on 2) ?
20:17:55  <zzz> any other topics for the meeting?
20:18:19  <psi> do we have a backup irc?
20:18:39  <psi> it seems that if some/all of postman's stuff goes down we're screwed
20:19:17  <psi> mail+irc is postman so what is the backup meetup in the event postman's stuff is non functional
20:19:29  <zzz> sure we could make 3 tunnels but seems like just added clutter to me
20:19:37  <psi> i have been wondering this for a while now...
20:20:28  <eche|on> ok, right, within 6 weeks release time we can change it fast enough, also really interested people can get in here. Also I can push the key to $trusted person
20:21:54  <zzz> we have 3 IRC servers
20:21:54  <zzz> there is no backup for postman himself...
20:21:54  * zzz warms up his short baffer for the short meeting
20:21:54  * zzz ***bafs the meeting closed