I2P Browser is for anyone who wants to protect their privacy either for preference or safety. It enables netizens to defend themselves from tracking, surveillance, spyware and in some cases it will help to circumvent censorship.

Like other browsers, I2P Browser enables you to browse and search the internet. I2P Browser however, is very focused on the privacy rights of the user and does not monetize data in trade of your privacy.

Most websites now use numerous third-party services, including social networking “Like” buttons, analytics trackers, and advertising beacons, all of which can link your activity across different sites. And because of that, the I2P Browser is designed to prevent websites from “fingerprinting” or identifying you based on your browser configuration. By default, I2P Browser does not keep any browsing history. Cookies are only valid for a single session (until I2P Browser is exited or a New Identity is requested).

I2P Browser blocks plugins like Flash, RealPlayer, Quicktime and others that can be manipulated into revealing your IP address. I2P Browser also comes with NoScript and other patches to protect your privacy and security. We do not recommend installing additional plugins or add-ons to I2P Browser since they may bypass or compromise your privacy.