• 0.9.15 Release

    0.9.15 includes Ed25519 crypto and many fixes

    Опубліковано 2014-09-20 от zzz
  • Release includes i2psnark and console fixes

    Опубліковано 2014-08-09 от zzz
  • 0.9.14 Release

    0.9.14 includes critical security fixes

    Опубліковано 2014-07-26 от zzz
  • 0.9.13 Release

    0.9.13 with SusiMail improvements and fixes for firewalled routers

    Опубліковано 2014-05-22 от zzz
  • 0.9.12 Release

    0.9.12 adds support for ECDSA and updates to Jetty 8

    Опубліковано 2014-03-31 от zzz
  • 0.9.11 Release

    0.9.11 adds support for outproxy plugins, improves lease set lookup security, and reduces memory usage.

    Опубліковано 2014-02-08 от I2P devs
  • 0.9.10 Release

    0.9.10 changes the mechanism for doing LeaseSet lookups, making it more difficult for an attacker to correlate a Destination with a Router.

    Опубліковано 2014-01-22 от I2P devs
  • 0.9.9 Release

    0.9.9 fixes a number of bugs in the netdb, streaming, and i2ptunnel, and starts work on a year-long plan to increase the strength of the cryptographic signing algorithms used in the router, and support multiple algorithms and key lengths simultaneously. Automatic update files will now be signed with 4096-bit RSA keys.

    Опубліковано 2013-12-07 от I2P devs
  • Release fixes a problem with updating to 0.9.8 on Windows for some people. New installs and non-Windows platforms are not affected, however all platforms will automatically update even if running 0.9.8.

    Опубліковано 2013-10-02 от I2P devs