To improve I2P's usage and to be independent of routers online status we want a datastorage as a extension to I2P. Like in Freenet the datastorage should be distributed and every participating node should be able to configure his options. The files should be saved in chunks and at least 2-3 times to obtain redundancy. Usage of storage space should be auto balanced. As it is a extra application, it should work flawless within I2P and cooperate nice with the I2P router. Maybe a integration within the webpage/router could be done.

This bounty cooperates with the 2 other bounties "frost for I2P" and "eepsites in datastorage".

The frost for I2P datastorage bounty is paid for a frost like program with which files/messages are stored into database and got from database. It needs to work with a GUI.

The eepsite served out of I2P datastorage extends a I2P router to send out eepsites out of the I2P datastorage. All files for eepsites need to be saved inside of datastorage and are taken from it. Extension: For better integration all datastorage participants could serve that eepsite.

  • For bounties to be declared done and paid, we need the program AND the source. Source and code need to be licensed under a free license (free to change and free to distribute).
  • Pentru a pretinde recompensa, autorul nu trebuie să fie plătit de către alte organizații sau echipe pentru acest lucru (de exemplu, elevii GSoC nu sunt valizi pentru recompensă).