For a future of I2P and attract more people into I2P this bounty is to setup and host a I2P SILC server. This will allow people to send files over their messaging servers and have intrinsic security built into the protocol.

A silc server needs to be set up and run for at least 3 month time to get payed. A second server should be set up, too.

Bounty was withdrawn and money donated to returningnovice and general fund.

Judge is An Anonymous Secret Society, society@mail.i2p.

  • על־מנת לדרוש את המענק, אסור שהיוצר יקבל תשלום מארגונים או צוותים אחרים על אותה העבודה (לדוגמה סטודנטים המשתתפים ב־GSoC לא יתקבלו).