Beside of I2P we want to encourage users to care more about anonymity and security. As I2P is a low latency network with its natural limits, the software SYNDIE can overcome some of these limits and provide better anonymity for people who really need it.

For our bad sake the syndie project was out of development for quite a long time yet (5 years) and has been updated just with small fixes to keep it running. To get a fresh and new built with needed bugfixes we set out this bounty. Also syndie needs some enhancements and a better GUI for users to work with it. Current bounty sum is 3 Bitcoin.

The latest Syndie coding rally did improve the situation of the Syndie package dramatically. A new Syndie package with bugfixes was created and made available on different webpages. As a result of this work, the bounty sum was reduced and the withdrawn money moved to the IPv6 bounty.

Still some jobs are left to be done:
1. Fix most, if not all GUI bugs (this relates to the first point somewhat)
2. Be the maintainer for Syndie over a period of time (an amount per month or per quarter) and do the usual tasks like accepting and fixing minor bugs, promote Syndie in the wider world than just I2P, maintaining good documentation
3. Add some sort of 'File Archive' as a transport (for sneakernets)
4. Add more transports from the introduction image to Syndie: Usenet, Gnutella, E-Mail, iMule, Tahoe-LAFS
5. Get syndie into repos for major distros (at least, Debian, Fedora, Arch, Gentoo, FreeBSD ports, PkgSrc)
6. Make the freenet archive work