I2P Summer Dev
  • I2P Summer Dev 2017: MOAR Speed!

    This year's Summer Dev will be focused on metrics collection and performance improvements for the network.

    Posted 2017-06-01 by str4d
  • Summer Dev roundup: APIs

    In the first month of Summer Dev, we have improved the usability of our APIs for Java, Android, and Python developers.

    Posted 2016-07-02 by str4d
  • I2P on Maven Central

    The I2P client libraries are now available on Maven Central!

    Posted 2016-06-13 by str4d
  • I2P Summer Dev

    We are pleased to announce that this summer, I2P will be embarking on a development program aimed at improving the privacy software ecosystem for both developers and users.

    Posted 2016-06-01 by str4d