• Lançamento da versão fixes a problem with updating to 0.9.8 on Windows for some people. New installs and non-Windows platforms are not affected, however all platforms will automatically update even if running 0.9.8.

    Postado em 2013-10-02 por I2P devs
  • Lançamento da versão 0.9.8

    0.9.8 includes the long-awaited support for IPv6. It's enabled by default, but of course you need a public IPv6 address to use it. Configuration is on the 'network' configuration tab in your console. We also have anonymity improvements including padding of SSU packets and longer router private keys.

    Postado em 2013-09-30 por I2P devs
  • Lançamento da versão

    This unscheduled release disables the RouterInfo verification messages that were used in the attack published in the UCSB paper, which should make correlating a LeaseSet and a Router much more difficult. We have also included a limited number of other fixes listed below. Our 0.9.8 release, which will include IPv6 support, is still on-schedule for late September.

    Postado em 2013-08-10 por I2P devs
  • Lançamento da versão 0.9.6

    0.9.6 includes bug fixes and an update from Jetty 6.1.26 (2010-11-10) to Jetty 7.6.10 (2013-03-12). See below for important information on the Jetty update. The Jetty 7 series is actively maintained and we plan to stay current with it in future I2P releases.

    Postado em 2013-05-28 por I2P devs
  • Lançamento da versão 0.9.5

    0.9.5 includes bug fixes and defenses for some issues and vulnerabilities that are being investigated by researchers at UCSB. We continue to work with them on additional improvements. This is a good opportunity to remind the community that while our network continues to grow rapidly, it is still relatively small. There may be multiple weaknesses or bugs that could compromise your anonymity. Help us grow the network by spreading the word and contributing where you can.

    Postado em 2013-03-08 por I2P devs
  • Lançamento da versão 0.9.4

    0.9.4 includes a fix for a network capacity bug, introduced in 0.9.2, that was reducing network performance and reliability. It also includes major changes in the in-network update system, and adds the capability to update via in-network torrents.

    Postado em 2012-12-17 por I2P devs
  • Lançamento da versão 0.9.3

    0.9.3 includes extensive low-level changes to the queueing of messages in the router. We implement the CoDel Active Queue Management (AQM) algorithm. We also unify the queueing and priority mechanisms in the transports to aid diagnosis and reduce network latency. Work continues on fixing UDP transport bugs and making UDP more resistant to attacks. There are more changes to improve the performance of the router and reduce its memory usage. Also, we enable i2psnark's DHT support, introduced last release, by default.

    Postado em 2012-10-27 por I2P devs
  • Lançamento da versão 0.9.2

    O lançamento da versão 0.9.2 inclui extensas mudanças de baixo nível que melhoram o desempenho e a eficiência do roteador. Atualizamos nossa biblioteca UPnP para, esperançosamente, fazer o UPnP funcionar para um maior número de pessoas. O I2PSnark possui agora suporte a DHT, contudo não ainda configurado como padrão, uma vez que pretendemos realizar mais testes durante o ciclo de desenvolvimento da versão 0.9.3 por vir.

    Postado em 2012-09-21 por I2P devs
  • 0.9.1 Release

    0.9.1 includes a large number of bug fixes in i2psnark, some streaming lib improvements, home page changes, new themes, and translation updates.

    Postado em 2012-07-30 por I2P devs