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Like other browsers, I2P Browser is actually built from a group of tools that work together to start and stop applications, configure settings, and secure the user against attacks.

Source Code

  • Build Scripts(Github): Start here to build from source. This is the collection of build scripts that gathers the source code for all the components and executes each step of the build process.
  • Firefox Source Code(Github): This is the source code of our fork of Firefox LTS, which is in turn based on the work of the Tor Browser team and modified for use with I2P.
  • I2PButton Browser Extension(Github): Start here to experiment with your changes. Many of our essential features are facilitated by this plugin.

Essential Documentation

Contact Us

  • Bug Tracker Should you wish to communicate with us on a service other than Github, you may contact us via the I2P Bug Tracker.
  • Mailing List We also have a public mailing list for discussion of the I2P Browser.