I2P Browser

About I2P Browser

I2P Browser is an easy-to-use bundle that provides a streamlined way to use I2P applications and to browse I2P sites. Although it can provide access to the regular internet via an outproxy, it also integrates secure decentralized browsing, file sharing, and e-mail.

Access Panel

I2P Browser changes the ways that you access I2P, streamlining the process for new users. Just the information you need, direct access to applications, and no configuration.

Web Browsing

Like other browsers, I2P Browser enables you to browse and search the internet. I2P Browser also employs a variety of security enhancements to protect your privacy while you browse the web.


Most websites now use numerous third-party trackers, all of which can link your activity across different sites. Besides blocking third-party trackers, I2P Browser avoids caching unnecessary data, enforces boundaries between sites and applications, and hides your connection from un-authorized observers.

File Sharing

I2P has always been capable of Peer-to-Peer file sharing and I2P Browser is no exception. By integrating the I2PSnark BitTorrent client, private, safe Peer-to-Peer filesharing is at the user's fingertips.

By using I2P, a whole world of private file-sharing options will become available to you.

Using Peer-to-Peer to distribute data means more people can help you find it, which gets it to you more quickly and reliably.

Private E-Mail

E-Mail service is available from providers within the I2P network that are capable of relaying e-mail to all e-mail addresses. I2P Browser is pre-configured to access these services and set you up with an account.